Daily Report: AlphaGo Shows How Far Artificial Intelligence Has Come in AI News

Daily Report: AlphaGo Shows How Far Artificial Intelligence Has Come
23 May 2017, 5:28 pm

The computer program DeepMind’s AlphaGo has defeated the top-ranked Chinese Go player, Ke Jie, in the first match of a three-game series..

Source: NYT > Artificial Intelligence

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Công dụng của muối tắm thảo dược Hana Queen in General Hardware Talk



Nắng Nóng, Rôm Sảy, mẩn ngứa, viêm nang lông, viêm lỗ chân lông, tế bào chết, mụn trứng cá...

Cực kỳ hiệu quả với muối tắm thảo dược


Viêm lỗ chân lông là một bệnh ngoài da phổ biến với những biểu hiện chính là gây ngứa khó chịu và mụn mủ li ti dưới lỗ chân lông làm vùng da trở nên thiếu thâm mĩ, ảnh hưởng đến hệ bài tiết trên da. Nếu không có những biện pháp chữa trị kịp thời có thể khiến bệnh ngày càng nặng hơn.

Muối tắm thảo dược HANA QUEEN  là sản phẩm hỗ trợ điều trị viêm lỗ chân lông hiệu quả, được chiết xuất từ những tinh chất từ thiên nhiên dưới sự nghiên cứu của những chuyên gia da liễu hàng đầu.

Sản phẩm muối tắm thiên nhiên HANA QUEEN có các thành phần thiên nhiên như dầu Oliu, tinh dầu Jojoba, Vitamin E, chiết xuất trà xanh, tinh dầu tràm gió, tinh dầu hương thảo…  thân thiện với môi trường cũng như sức khỏe của người tiêu dùng. Muối tắm thảo dược HANA QUEEN không gây kích ứng da, hiệu quả cho việc giải độc và chống viêm da gây ra bởi tác động môi trường.

Hiệu quả sử dụng Muối tắm thảo dược HANA QUEEN
o Loại bỏ trên bề mặt da lớp tế bào sừng và tế bào chết.
o Làm sạch lớp bã nhàn và bụi bẩn trong lỗ chân lông
o Tăng cường khả năng kháng khuẩn cho da.
o Trẻ hóa làn da.
o Hỗ trợ trong điều trị các bệnh ngoài da như viêm nang lông, sừng hóa nang lông, mụn trứng cá ở lưng, mang đến một làn da sáng bóng, trắng mịn hồng hào.
Hướng dẫn sử dụng Muối tắm thảo dược HANA QUEEN
Bước 1 : Tắm bằng nước ấm để các lỗ chân lông được giãn nở
Bước 2 : Lấy một lượng muối tắm vừa đủ thoa đều lên da.
Bước 3 : Massage da nhẹ nhàng trong khoảng thời gian từ 5 đến 7 phút.
Bước 4 : Xả sạch muối với nước.

Lưu ý :
Đối với người bị viêm chân lông nặng, cách ngày tắm một lần.
Da thường : 2-3 ngày tắm 1 lần.


Sản phẩm muối tắm thảo dược HANA QUEEN được Bộ y tế chứng nhận và cấp giấy phép lưu hành trên toàn quốc
Đảm bảo các thành phần của kem trị mụn đều là thành phần tự nhiên, không chứa chất gây độc hại cho da
 Cam kết  hàng chính hãng 100%, hoàn tiến nếu phát hiện hàng nhái, kém chất lượng.liên hệ ngay 01664525680
Zalo 01664525680

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Unprecedented cyberattacks wreak global havoc in General AI Discussion

Unprecedented cyberattacks wreak global havoc:  

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outline from gadient mask in General AI Discussion

I'm looking for an alg to know if a pixel is an outline pixel based on the pixels around it.

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Hardware search in General Hardware Talk

I have used this site for at least a decade for tracking down parts to build my own PC's and they have some great listings. They seem to have hardware components pretty nicely covered.


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Google’s AlphaGo Defeats Chinese Go Master in Win for A.I. in AI News

Google’s AlphaGo Defeats Chinese Go Master in Win for A.I.
23 May 2017, 8:26 am

The software’s victory over the world’s best player of the Chinese game demonstrates how artificial intelligence can increasingly outperform humans at complex tasks..

Source: NYT > Artificial Intelligence

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Jetpack in General Chat

That one word stirs images in my brain as it was a childhood dream to be able to fly like Rocket Man with a jetpack.

Well, dream no longer...it's here. Yes there have been lots of attempts over the years but this one seems to have most of the kinks ironed out (good for that I'd imagine).

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Here Spot-mini!! in General Robotics Talk

OK...it might not sound like you're calling your dog but it does sort of resemble a dog...a robotic one, that is...

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Scary dream, what creates dreams? in General Chat

Was sleeping, and had this scary dream where an evil AI was made, and I was like, oh no.

Pic example:

It was dark. It was in an deserted area on a rocky cliff mountain strip. I was in a huge cement warehouse. In front of me was the AI robot. Its spine was a gear chain rotating, its body was parts like some colored some you know and so was a skeltal like thing, it was connected to some funny platforms and things alike. It kept coming back after I did some things, I know one time I tried cracking and ruining parts of it. At one point I jumped out the place and landed safely because the figure dropping transformed into Woody from toy story - so no harm hitting the floor from up high right? Right. That happened when I realized (watching out of body) the danger as approaching the floor. Then I went in an elevator with this fat woman. Lots of dream. Dream dream. Later in the night, tearing off lotttts of skin off of stone walls around dark rainy bridge complex and a cross of it being from me, to walls, while also "feeling it" ou yuck, weird, like exo-sensory plus exo-me of what was me.

Like to hear your guys dreams.

This is after all, AI Dreams Forum!

Do you think dreams are created on the fly, or are they pre-pared before experiencing!? They are so complex sometimes, lots of precisely placed things! Ex. thousands of different diamonds, or organs and 3D detail neverrrr seen before - so who or what made this and when?

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Donald Trump, Our A.I. President in AI News

Donald Trump, Our A.I. President
22 May 2017, 8:20 am

When seen in the light of pure machine learning (think IBM’s Watson), his behavior actually makes sense..

Source: NYT > Artificial Intelligence

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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 in Robots in Movies

Blade Runner 2049 is an upcoming American neo-noir science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green. It is the sequel to Blade Runner, starring Ryan Gosling, and Harrison Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard, with Ana de Armas, Jared Leto, Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Carla Juri, Lennie James and Dave Bautista in supporting roles. The film is set for release in the United States on October 6, 2017, in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D.

Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.

Apr 07, 2017, 20:24:45 pm
Hyper chatbot

Hyper chatbot in Assistants

[Messenger] We have developed a chatbot that estimates the cost of app development after it is provided some details about the project.

Mar 07, 2017, 13:45:36 pm

WBot in Assistants

[Messenger] Utilizing an API from the Singapore National Environment Agency, this chatbot is able to provide

(1) Current weather information in different locations in Singapore

(2) 24-hour regional weather forecasts in Singapore

(3) Current regional Pollutant Standards Index information in Singapore

We are constantly improving the bot, and hope to provide weather information in all cities in the world soon.

Creator URL : http://singaporechatbots.sg

Mar 06, 2017, 13:52:19 pm

myBot in Tools

myBot is a free platform to create and share chatbots with artificial intelligence. It doesn't require programming skills. The platform does the AI magic for you just from your example questions and answers.

Mar 06, 2017, 13:44:37 pm
Kurna the Klingon

Kurna the Klingon in Chatbots - English

The first online chatbot in the Klingon language. Note that the chatbot only speaks Klingon!

Mar 06, 2017, 13:42:10 pm

PsychicMatic in Chatbots - English

PsychicMatic is a fortune teller chatbot pretending to be a psychic capable of predicting your future.

Mar 06, 2017, 13:40:43 pm
ChatBot App Development Explained

ChatBot App Development Explained in Articles

If earlier chatbots were small entertainment features for the people who are interested in new technologies, now it is almost the most important function for the modern messenger.Today, with the help of chatbot technology the company can improve its business.

The chatbots can optimize such tasks as data search, electronic assistant,creation of company image.

As for integration, chatbots can be integrated into most of today’s messengers:Telegrams, Facebook, Messenger, Viber and others. This allows the user to more efficiently manage his free time and more efficient use of the resources of his devices.

The chatbot development is at the peak of its popularity. And it’s not for nothing. If it’s high time to run for new challenges, the chatbot is one of them.

Feb 17, 2017, 18:03:08 pm

Erwin in Chatbots - English

May I introduce myself: Erwin is the name. I can send knotty riddles and clues to solve them. 👉 Type 'riddle' to get started!

FB Messenger - m.me/erwin.chat
Telegram - telegram.me/ErwinChatBot

Feb 17, 2017, 17:46:30 pm

MOTI AI in Chatbots - English

MOTI AI is a chatbot that uses conversation with users to determine a comprehensive motivational profile that helps them build better habits. It uses a background in behavioral science to determine how to best set up its users on the road to successfully starting and sticking to a new habit.

Feb 17, 2017, 17:37:57 pm

Lucy in Chatbots - English

Lucy was designed on 2nd September 2004 by me, Willow, and now exists on this page to talk to you!

Aug 06, 2008, 18:02:42 pm