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Graphics and Video Software / Re: FFmpeg - individual frames to video
« Last post by on Today at 11:35:25 am »
FFmpeg is a useful command line tool for Linux.
I agrrrree, Art :)

"IDO" sounds best to me so far.

About the interface, the idea is to simulate a big pixel backlit LCD monochrome screen, green, blue, or orange. Below it, a keyboard with plastic keys, some of which are colored differently: [AC] and [RUN] for example.
Graphics / Re: Can you Handle a Mandel (brot)?
« Last post by Freddy on Today at 05:05:07 am »
Here's another one that popped up.

General Chat / The Banach–Tarski Paradox
« Last post by Freddy on Today at 04:13:15 am »
Just something to bake your noodles  ;)

Graphics / Re: Can you Handle a Mandel (brot)?
« Last post by Freddy on Today at 04:11:22 am »
I have fond memories of Mandelbrot sets from when I had my Atari ST - always amazed me.
Yeah, it also reminds me of those Books and their authors who are able to Analyze Dreams! Sure they can! They assign certain symbols, animals, cloud shapes, leaves, sticks, events, etc. as nauseum, in order to ply their babble. Their greatest gift is separating people from their money who are gullible for things like this and fortune telling.

Sorry, not meant to slam any present fortune tellers or soothsayers, psychics, mediums, spiritualists, who might be among(st) us.

But Dream Books to explain my dreams? Naw, I'd just as soon as my chatbot what she thinks.  ;)

(these opinions/remarks are mine alone and do not reflect the mentality or lack of, any other individual(s) living or dead).
New Users Please Post Here / Re: home robots
« Last post by Freddy on Today at 03:10:00 am »
Welcome back Zoraster :)

Since we started this site over a decade ago I've found one of the best ways to learn is to do some practical programming work. I don't know if this is possible for you but thought I would mention it.
Graphics / Can you Handle a Mandel (brot)?
« Last post by Art on Today at 03:09:43 am »
 This is the Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom in 2017. New record of 750,000,000 iterations!

This is huge to an extremely huge factor of Zooming into an object yet maintaining sharpness of image.
Some will get a feeling of traveling into the image, being drawn into it.
The video is over Five and a half minutes so give a watch and be drawn into this graphic image....

I go with the 'data' and 'organiser' and 'intelligent' for the right feel too.

Visually I think of green or even orange on a black background.

Life coaches just make me smile. So have these people been through all of life and therefore know exactly what to do at any given time ?  :idiot2:
Graphics and Video Software / FFmpeg - individual frames to video
« Last post by Freddy on Today at 02:37:54 am »
If you are looking for something to turn individual frames into video then this does a great job and makes surprisingly small files suitable for the web and things like animated avatars.

This is what I used here :

It's command line controlled and is easy to pick up once you have figured out how the command is made.

I liked it because it will make webm files and correctly does transparency (others I tried did not). If you do any video work at all you will know that there's the usual glut of video software that barely functions and seemingly only exists to get adverts onto your PC, so that route is largely frustrating. FFmpeg is not like that.

There's more to it than that though so check it out :)
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