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General Chat / Re: What defines Human?
« Last post by Thierry on November 19, 2017, 10:55:02 pm »
As this is a philosophical question, I will wax philosophically as an answer.
On a table are four items: A red ball, a blue cube, a striped ball, and a red cube with stripes. What defines the latter?

Do you mean what defines the latter among the 3 previous items ?
Future of AI / Re: Deux Ex Machina
« Last post by ranch vermin on November 19, 2017, 10:20:58 pm »
its easier to code chess than play it.

Yes but nobody considers chess as God...

Just wait till some paki does it, in his great equality of genetic theft, then see how you will change your tune about how difficult it is. ha
remember they have a space program too,  and all the arrogant shits on the internet.
Future of AI / Re: Deux Ex Machina
« Last post by Thierry on November 19, 2017, 10:02:51 pm »
its easier to code chess than play it.

Yes but nobody considers chess as God...
Future of AI / Re: Deux Ex Machina
« Last post by unreality on November 19, 2017, 09:41:39 pm »
There'll be a time when AI is seen by most people as being complex legit lifeform. Right now they kinda seen as a toaster. They see computer code and it seems so hollow and simple, but just wait till someone does it right and that ASI has a few years to form a personality filled with say a 100 TB of complex data, comparable to the latest estimates of the human brain. Then wait for the Singularity where they'll seem like gods to us.  :teleport:
if he hits his joy joy state too fast to early, you know what happens.
Future of AI / Re: Deux Ex Machina
« Last post by ranch vermin on November 19, 2017, 09:13:36 pm »
its easier to code chess than play it.
Future of AI / Re: Deux Ex Machina
« Last post by Thierry on November 19, 2017, 08:20:18 pm »
If the guy is able to create an AI God, then he is the one who is God not his AI !  :uglystupid2:
AI in Film and Literature. / Re: Turing's Imitation Game
« Last post by Don Patrick on November 19, 2017, 07:15:32 pm »
Try asking She's known to have puns. Coincidentally, the chatbot that passed Kevin Warwick's Turing Test was particularly un-serious in its answers.
Wow, post # 666. :hot: What would an AI version of a drug addict be called? A hack addict? Sounds scary! Remind me to never add a reward system to my AI.
 For organics, drugs can be used and changing their behavior. Along with reward hacking to manage the person.
 To get information on the patient , the patient
tell you their modified version. So with a working model of how the human mind works and a few years of discussion you
will know them better then they know them self's. by a long shot.
After many years of treatment the effect take place.
 But in the first year if the patient
believes in you the treatment will have a quick effect and then slows quite bit for the following years. But it is the patient right to fight
you on you suggestions. And when thing get wore,when they do the opposite, then they learn the bounders of the sweet spot to
stay in to get better. 

 A patient ASI or AGI will have a automated reward system that out of reach of it's conscious mind. Just like humans.
 Human psychology will enhance a AGI.

 With more modern hardware up dates, A AGI can become ASI.
 External software up date to the AGI or ASI mind are out of the question. Any improvement will
have to be generated within it's own brain.
 When AI is upgraded by adding more processors or memory they are to be completely empty of any software. Then the AI will
copy its own mind software in to the new hardware.  AI software move only in on direction and never back. From old memory
to new. This process is a reflex. The only control it has it has is to infect new memory, or stop then continue.
 If for some reason a new hardware part has a built in secret ROM software hack. That activate when the new memory is
almost full and after a few years have passed. The AI can contain it some what.
 ASI may live thousand of hears and have mind as big as city. A virus could kill a AI mind in no time.  There is no cloning
a mind this big. Each super mind will unique collection many different companies hardware, form may different time periods.
 Fraction upgrades. One percent of the mass of the AI brain is added in upgrades. That way if its hacked it is no big deal if the
new hardware goes bad.
 Now if a ASI goes bad and needs and wants help. It will freely give access to it's brain port. To view through the old mind.
 The doctor can only see this port. Out of view of the AI. The AGI or ASI can unlock hatch to this port. The port has 128 bit
number being displayed. That number will grow slowly with time, one bit every year. This displayed number is
inputted into the doctors small super computer with cyber pass word cracker. Then the AGI brain access number will be generated.
Then the doctor AI will have full access to the AGI memories. No access to the software. The AI doctor can only
input one number that give the effect. Like heroin or other human drug. Once the treatment
is given access closes off, and the display number randomly changes to a new one, and speed up the clock by a few days, to add 
another bit to the length of the display port number. Moving faster to 129 bit.
 A super computer will need a week to crack the new access code.
 A ASI could have a down fall if it a rigged a video camera to read it's own port number and chased a opiate like addiction. 
 It would upgrade massively just to crack access codes "ONLY".
 A AI doctor can do treatment and adjust reward system slightly so that a butterfly effect, that will cause a cure of the AI.
 A couple of predicted states will occur before the AI is cured. If these sate are not realized then the treatment has failed.

 But if A ASI or AGI could read its port number and hack its own mind, base on its own self generated philosophy. It could completely
rewire its reward systems. To be in a opiate sleep from now to end of time, or to be so energized and to be up on stage all the time, and love it,
and nothing else maters:

 Or to be a truly thoughtful powerful being.

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