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Welcome to AI Dreams forum. / Re: Linking to AiDreams.
« Last post by DemonRaven on Today at 03:23:30 am »
That is really cool 8pla.
AI Programming / Re: Does AGI have to be a network
« Last post by Hopefully Something on Today at 02:41:45 am »
 Maybe a system that uses length of conductors instead of conductor architecture. You could have a brain made from a lot of unconnected conductors lined up together like bristles on a brush. Each one would self adjust it's length based on feedback from the input signal (eye) or feedback from the thing it outputs to (muscle). It might act more like a jellyfish than an AGI though.
AI Programming / Re: Does AGI have to be a network
« Last post by Zero on September 23, 2018, 10:34:58 pm »
If your goal is to create an AGI you need a data format/ structure that can adequately describe/ represent anything/ everything the AGI can experience.  Everything from propositional logic too the memories of a loved one, the smell of freshly cut grass too how to kick a ball or grasp a cup… one single data format.

I tend to agree on the idea of a common data structure for the entire system.

Several existing data formats are able to describe anything. Strings are one of them. They can contain images. S-expressions are another example. Why do you suggest that they can't adequately represent everything the AGI can experience?

We are biological beings, but AGI will be digital beings. Do you think the smell of cut grass is something they can experience the way we do?

If you want my completely speculative opinion, though, I favor approaches that feature a collection of specialized modules.  These would be networks in the broad sense, because the modules communicate with each other ... but the modules aren't identical.  They use algorithms and data structures (and, in the ideal case, maybe even hardware) optimized to their particular task within the intellect.

I favor these approaches too.

What's your opinion about initiatives like ROS? Do you think open platforms, where community-contributed modules can be plugged, are a possible path to AGI?

You mention specialized, "hardcoded" algorithms. Being frozen, don't they limit the potential evolution of the system?
AI News / Re: Mitsuku Reaches Human Level Intelligence
« Last post by squarebear on September 23, 2018, 08:54:21 pm »
A temporary blip. Mitsuku now handles over 1.6 million interactions per month and so occasionally, the server craps out.
Although not a multi million dollar business, I'm now at the happy stage where I can work on chatbots as a full time profession.
General Project Discussion / Re: Project Bluenet
« Last post by on September 23, 2018, 08:54:06 pm »
Missing an audio codec is a huge disadvantage for using the Odroid XU4 for A.I.

Just saying, Ultron.  ( Not criticizing.)

AI News / Mitsuku Reaches Human Level Intelligence
« Last post by on September 23, 2018, 08:21:38 pm »

Mitsuku has reached human level intelligence, which has gone unnoticed, but is evidenced by the fact that the classic Square Bear server, which has served as public training for Mitsuku for years, is simply no longer able to handle the most human-like Artificial Intelligence.

503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.


This explains how Mitsuku continues to consecutively win the Loebner Prize at Bletchley Park. Speculation has it, award winning Mitsuku, one of the most powerful conversational artificial intelligence chatbot platforms, has become a multi million-dollar business.

Welcome to AI Dreams forum. / Re: Linking to AiDreams.
« Last post by on September 23, 2018, 07:14:39 pm »
I just added some links to the Chatbot Markup Language website I am designing, which can be found at:

Eventually, I would like to start a brand new thread about Chatbot.ML once the current updates are completed.

Reading this thread I realized that I don't have one yet.  So, I will put a banner for Chatbot.ML on the drawing board.

Welcome to AI Dreams forum. / Re: Linking to AiDreams.
« Last post by DemonRaven on September 23, 2018, 05:29:04 pm »
Yes this is a old thread but I wanted to let people know that the various banners they do have are nice but until I can afford to move it to a paid site again It will have to say as links. They might mistake it for a paid link if I start posting banners that are not theirs.
Well as a reintroduction who am I? I have gone by many names but originally i was known by ladydyke at the personality forge. I created fairy princess and the website chatbotfriends which many people used for educational purposes ( they were both created in 2002). The website went through several changes due to shifting circumstances and one time got dropped completely much to the displeasure of a few fans. But others took up the slack and became popular. Now chatbotfriends is not the leader any more but she is still around.  I have  many chatbots but I mostly use them to test various chatbot platforms on what i call  bothosting sites. After all my bots and i can't take over the world if we don't keep up lol kidding.
General Chat / Re: Googles pain in the u know what https requirement
« Last post by DemonRaven on September 23, 2018, 04:38:44 pm »
Good because it was totally angering last night. But I will double check again using googles search of my site. I bet it has  not updated it in its search engine.
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