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Red Haired Girl - Daz Studio
Been a while since I did some rendering, Daz is looking good.
 Views: 24732
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Posted by Freddy
Mar 02, 2014
in Artwork
Christmas necklace
 Views: 7160
Posted by Duskrider
Jan 09, 2014
in Characters
Merry Christmas !
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
 Views: 1160
Posted by Freddy
Dec 24, 2013
in Artwork
 Views: 4602
Posted by Duskrider
Nov 20, 2013
in Characters
The Automatons of Yesteryear
On a bright September day in 1928, a curious crowd of onlookers got their first glimpse of Eric the Robot. The mechanical man rose from his chair, stretched out an arm for silence, and made a speech, of which few people understood more than a few words. In a special cable to The New York Times, one…
 Views: 1089
Posted by Freddy
Nov 12, 2013
in Robots

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 Views: 814
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Posted by Freddy
Jun 10, 2007
in Members
Abba Stevie Nicks Warner 3D
the movie on youtube soon!!
 Views: 813
Posted by claude2
Feb 01, 2009
in Characters
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For Mark The Free Coolclones
Mark! There the free coolclone! it is free and serious without virus, because, it is the coolclone of iclone direct and free or buy in the forum freebie!! Envoy that now Mark, it is without worry for download that, it is all the member of iclone, and give they contribution.
 Views: 557
 Comments: 2
Posted by claude2
Feb 05, 2010
in Characters
the carpenter
it is easy with iclone to make celebrities, has new it works
 Views: 563
Posted by claude2
Mar 07, 2009
in Characters
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My recipe for worked the body, it is format ' png ', the transparence of ' Png ', allows of transposing, is the likeness of a subject, or invented. For instance making-up, has faint of "Peoplputty", is possible of working all body, with the glued together copying, to make or create clothes, with the…
 Views: 1035
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Posted by claude2
Mar 16, 2008
in Haptek Full Bodies

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