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Red Haired Girl - Daz Studio
Been a while since I did some rendering, Daz is looking good.
 Views: 7335
 Comments: 4
Posted by Freddy
Mar 02, 2014
in Artwork
Christmas necklace
 Views: 7075
Posted by Duskrider
Jan 09, 2014
in Characters
Merry Christmas !
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
 Views: 1063
Posted by Freddy
Dec 24, 2013
in Artwork
 Views: 4545
Posted by Duskrider
Nov 20, 2013
in Characters
The Automatons of Yesteryear
On a bright September day in 1928, a curious crowd of onlookers got their first glimpse of Eric the Robot. The mechanical man rose from his chair, stretched out an arm for silence, and made a speech, of which few people understood more than a few words. In a special cable to The New York Times, one…
 Views: 1034
Posted by Freddy
Nov 12, 2013
in Robots

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Herman Munster 3
I hated the one I did last time so I tried again

 Views: 575
Posted by jackgephart
Jun 11, 2009
in Haptek Heads
 Views: 777
Posted by Freddy
Jul 22, 2007
in Backgrounds
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Happy St Patricks Day
Wishing you a happy and lucky St Patricks Day
from me and my elf Sandee.  
 Views: 326
 Comments: 1
Posted by Duskrider
Mar 07, 2010
in Characters
 Views: 943
Jan 16, 2007
in Characters
Florida Autumn
 Views: 236
Posted by Duskrider
Dec 10, 2009
in Characters

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