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Jess in the Woods
Playing with my little world...
 Views: 6556
Posted by Freddy
Oct 23, 2014
in Artwork
Bought a terrain generator and editor plugin for Unity. Looking forward to getting my AI character to explore this world :)
 Views: 2615
Posted by Freddy
Oct 02, 2014
in Artwork
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Red Haired Girl - Daz Studio
Been a while since I did some rendering, Daz is looking good.
 Views: 28829
 Comments: 4
Posted by Freddy
Mar 02, 2014
in Artwork
Christmas necklace
 Views: 7218
Posted by Duskrider
Jan 09, 2014
in Characters
Merry Christmas !
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
 Views: 1245
Posted by Freddy
Dec 24, 2013
in Artwork

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A bird in the hand . . . .

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"
 Views: 234
Posted by Duskrider
Jan 14, 2011
in Characters
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Xen Quote
Xen is constantly trying to point me in the right direction.  
 Views: 289
 Comments: 6
Posted by Data
Sep 08, 2010
in Characters
 Views: 966
Jan 16, 2007
in Characters
Satanic Interview
Stage about Madam I want to know.. Said me! on T.V. Haptek Mister Satanic, Speaks about his firm belief in the name of the demon! But madam Rose, wants to know how works a group of diabolic!! She wants to know everything! episode very intriguing! misses not on youtube!! Oh my God!!
 Views: 789
Posted by Claude
Oct 04, 2008
in Characters
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My recipe for worked the body, it is format ' png ', the transparence of ' Png ', allows of transposing, is the likeness of a subject, or invented. For instance making-up, has faint of "Peoplputty", is possible of working all body, with the glued together copying, to make or create clothes, with the…
 Views: 1049
 Comments: 1
Posted by Claude
Mar 16, 2008
in Haptek Full Bodies

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