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The Dragon Tavern
Just an example of the things I am making with Blender and Unity. All modelled and textured by myself.
 Views: 117
Posted by Freddy
Apr 21, 2015
in Artwork
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The Cat
Art Painting (facebook)
 Views: 3014
 Comments: 1
 Rating: 5.00
Posted by Claude
Feb 21, 2015
in Artwork
Jess in the Woods
Playing with my little world...
 Views: 14997
Posted by Freddy
Oct 23, 2014
in Artwork
Bought a terrain generator and editor plugin for Unity. Looking forward to getting my AI character to explore this world :)
 Views: 2766
Posted by Freddy
Oct 02, 2014
in Artwork
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Red Haired Girl - Daz Studio
Been a while since I did some rendering, Daz is looking good.
 Views: 28973
 Comments: 4
Posted by Freddy
Mar 02, 2014
in Artwork

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Bad Habit
 Views: 1492
Posted by Duskrider
Jun 05, 2012
in Characters
 Views: 2572
Posted by Duskrider
Aug 02, 2011
in Characters
 Views: 499
Posted by Duskrider
Oct 27, 2011
in Characters
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the eagle black
Here is a singer of the sixties 70, his songs are all of poems!
 Views: 878
 Comments: 1
Posted by Claude
May 16, 2008
in Haptek Full Bodies
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Nearly Home
After a long, arduous journey, fraught with dangers and mysteries beyond counting, Morti tops a small rise, and beholds the object of his current quest. Home!

Rendered in Bryce, with objects created in Carrara, Daz Studio, and Metasequoia.
 Views: 247
 Comments: 2
Posted by DaveMorton
Jul 03, 2010
in Characters

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