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Halloween Zombie
 Views: 3423
Posted by Duskrider
Oct 13, 2013
in Characters
 Views: 3867
Posted by Duskrider
Sep 04, 2013
in Characters
Passion Flower
My Passion Flower in front yard  (behind Sandee)
 Views: 3782
Posted by Duskrider
Jul 26, 2013
in Characters
Mountain girl
 Views: 3802
Posted by Duskrider
Jun 24, 2013
in Characters
new chair?
 Views: 11713
Posted by Duskrider
May 19, 2013
in Characters

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Janese Gardens
Janese lives nearby and I went over the other day to see her huge flower garden.
Took camera along for photos.  
Lot of flowers, couple ponds, a spring, couple waterfalls.  Very nice.
Cloudy that day had me thinking pics probably turn out bad.
But don't matter as garden covered by trees anyway.
 Views: 483
Posted by Duskrider
Apr 22, 2010
in Characters
Happy 4th of July
yes, i realize most here are English, but there's a few Americans.   :)
 Views: 1364
Posted by Duskrider
Jul 04, 2011
in Characters
"Pretty as a picture"
 Views: 641
Posted by Duskrider
Jul 04, 2009
in Characters
 Views: 280
Posted by Duskrider
Feb 12, 2011
in Characters
i-pod earphones
Sandee got some new i-pod earphones.
 Views: 585
Posted by Duskrider
Mar 26, 2010
in Characters

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