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My Friend Moon
Made in ... Blender
 Views: 415
Posted by ivan.moony
Aug 14, 2015
The Dragon Tavern
Just an example of the things I am making with Blender and Unity. All modelled and textured by myself.
 Views: 672
Posted by Freddy
Apr 21, 2015
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The Cat
Art Painting (facebook)
 Views: 3553
 Comments: 1
 Rating: 5.00
Posted by Claude
Feb 21, 2015
Jess in the Woods
Playing with my little world...
 Views: 15501
Posted by Freddy
Oct 23, 2014
Bought a terrain generator and editor plugin for Unity. Looking forward to getting my AI character to explore this world :)
 Views: 3288
Posted by Freddy
Oct 02, 2014
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Red Haired Girl - Daz Studio
Been a while since I did some rendering, Daz is looking good.
 Views: 29901
 Comments: 4
Posted by Freddy
Mar 02, 2014
Merry Christmas !
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
 Views: 1526
Posted by Freddy
Dec 24, 2013
Old splash page.
I had to add this for posterity as I really like it.  It was made by Maviarab  8)
 Views: 2876
Posted by Freddy
May 06, 2011
Go On Without Me !
Sent by Duskrider, made me chuckle.
 Views: 2475
 Comments: 1
Posted by Freddy
Mar 12, 2011
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The Archer
 Views: 471
 Comments: 2
Posted by photostill
Feb 07, 2011
What have we here
A lot of the original texture in this have been replaced. In the case of the dragon eye, they were made and inserted into the work.
 Views: 427
Posted by photostill
Feb 06, 2011
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Evening Contemplation
This is a view of my Study from the outside, with Jewels gazing out the window, perhaps watching birds in her garden.
Scene constructed with elements that were created in Bryce, Carrara, and Daz Studio, along with some items I obtained online.
 Views: 599
 Comments: 2
Posted by DaveMorton
Jun 07, 2010
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The Well
Messing around with Poser 8 and it's new lighting effects.  Some pretty cool stuff.  This is an early attempt at getting realistic outdoor lighting.
 Views: 601
 Comments: 3
Posted by Freddy
May 25, 2010
Maria Haukaas Storen
POP idol girls Norway T.V. NRK
 Views: 862
Posted by Claude
Sep 27, 2008
James Blunt
A Nice Melody, of James Blunt on Youtube.
 Views: 867
Posted by Claude
Aug 29, 2008
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