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Country Gal
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Posted by admin
Jan 14, 2007
in Characters
The Digital Girl
This was a graphic I made for the Digital Girl site, using Daz3D and a Poser model which was reskinned, together with some coloured lighting.  It was meant to be a cyborg type woman that for some unexplained reason had lost some of her skin surface...uh...well someone asked me what the Algae was all…
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Posted by admin
Jan 14, 2007
in Artwork
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Properly Escorted
I found this big guy in Italy, (I'll addthe link later!). He adds such a good touch to my digital girl.
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Posted by lauramb
Jan 14, 2007
in Artwork
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Mission: Pompeii
She had to go back in time, to prepare for future events. The background is a POV-Ray render of Jerome Bergers' entry into the IRTC Competition. The VH is Andygraphs' from Renderosity.
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Posted by lauramb
Jan 14, 2007
in Artwork
The Digital Girl 2
Another version of my digital girl..good as a background.
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Posted by admin
Jan 14, 2007
in Artwork

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Posted by Freddy
Jun 10, 2007
in Members
email aladyblond@aol.com for htrs --4 htrs per email
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Jan 18, 2007
the carpenter
it is easy with iclone to make celebrities, has new it works
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Posted by Claude
Mar 07, 2009
in Characters
Decided to combine last weeks photoshoot with last nights back by the lake.
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Posted by Duskrider
Apr 10, 2011
in Characters
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run for it
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Jan 16, 2007
in Artwork

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