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Title: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: LOCKSUIT on May 19, 2017, 11:29:43 pm
Was sleeping, and had this scary dream where an evil AI was made, and I was like, oh no.

Pic example: (

It was dark. It was in an deserted area on a rocky cliff mountain strip. I was in a huge cement warehouse. In front of me was the AI robot. Its spine was a gear chain rotating, its body was parts like some colored some you know and so was a skeltal like thing, it was connected to some funny platforms and things alike. It kept coming back after I did some things, I know one time I tried cracking and ruining parts of it. At one point I jumped out the place and landed safely because the figure dropping transformed into Woody from toy story - so no harm hitting the floor from up high right? Right. That happened when I realized (watching out of body) the danger as approaching the floor. Then I went in an elevator with this fat woman. Lots of dream. Dream dream. Later in the night, tearing off lotttts of skin off of stone walls around dark rainy bridge complex and a cross of it being from me, to walls, while also "feeling it" ou yuck, weird, like exo-sensory plus exo-me of what was me.

Like to hear your guys dreams.

This is after all, AI Dreams Forum!

Do you think dreams are created on the fly, or are they pre-pared before experiencing!? They are so complex sometimes, lots of precisely placed things! Ex. thousands of different diamonds, or organs and 3D detail neverrrr seen before - so who or what made this and when?
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: keghn on May 20, 2017, 12:11:16 am
 Are you getting enough sleep or is this a once a year thing?
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: LOCKSUIT on May 20, 2017, 12:56:09 am

Lots of sleep.
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: WriterOfMinds on May 20, 2017, 03:10:34 am
I would argue for "made on the fly" ... at least partially ... because occasionally, if I'm on the edge of waking, actual sensory data starts getting incorporated into my dream.  Noises from the environment can appear in the dream, for example -- and I think at least once, when I had a rather strong need to wake up and go to the bathroom, the tail end of my dream involved searching for a bathroom to use.

It is interesting though that they can have remarkably cohesive plots sometimes.  I've had a few that were bona fide adventure stories that progressed from beginning to end in a fairly reasonable manner (not that they weren't still *weird*).
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: korrelan on May 20, 2017, 09:59:34 am
I either don’t dream or can never remember my dreams.  The few I do remember can be weird though and I’ve never had a nightmare.

There was a large circular white domed room with a huge round table in the centre.  Sat around the table were various people who where all experts in their particular field, and all where dressed accordingly.  A Surgeon, politician, physics professor, law judge, etc.

There was also a lady sat at a desk with a typewriter near the only entrance.  A man dressed as a concierge would bring a question on a sheet of paper to her and she would type up/ duplicate the information and give each person on the round table a copy.

They would carefully read the sheet in total silence and then spontaneously and loudly only converse only with the person sat either side of them.  They would make notes on the sheets; the sheets would be collected, re-typed and handed out again.  This would continue until and overall agreement was arrived at… she would type it up, ring a desk bell and the concierge would collect it.

There was also an irate priest stood off to one side shouting religious quotes the whole time trying to distract them from their jobs… (

Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: LOCKSUIT on May 20, 2017, 12:07:06 pm
That sounds like a good political reasoning system korrelan haha lol!

No that still isn't good enough.

Full bladder of urine, I dreamt of walking around halls holding a glass of water, later wetted/peed in a jungle-styled-room.

Dreamt of Donkey Kong 64 last night, it looked like the game but was totally different never before seen levels.

I agree - made on the fly. Several human intelligences with a month to spare could never create all the elaborate precision dreams. Also yes external sensory input affects dream instantly.

It's made probably near real-time in our parallel brains, and not by human intelligence - we can't do this. It's a mass scale mechanism. Even if you try to use your imagination and say "I can do this myself" - you're actually using this mechanism that creates dreams - no, you didn't create that self-brought day-thought of a beautiful place with all that gold plate-ware and all. You guided it.

I know how they're made. Its by my Auto-Creator I call it. The in-3D, generated video, plus sounds you hear, have a story behind the 3D-frame and the video of 3D-frames. Note you can also think in dream ex. remember images/sounds ex. talking to yourself saying "wow is she hot" - which are faintly sensed as usual unless in Instant-Lucid mode. But can we imaginate in a dream? Do we still have space for 2 of these mechanisms to go on? I remember once imaginating a beautiful gold bathroom with many doors (Auto-Created faintSensed by me? as walked around Auto-Created 3D dream (that used AC or just moving in already created 3D world?)) and then seen it around the corner, incorporated into the dream.

It basically creates something new but similar to the thing you're thinking about or thought about in the daytime.

It keeps re-arranging size/position/everything of key objects talked about/seen, check if it matches similar to the memory thought of just now/in day (matches ex. image or video!), then says yep good enough, and gives product to you.

GANs I think are similar, they generate "real looking" or "bird" images/etc from even pure noise. You can generate anything really, tech, knowledge, books, 3D/2D videos of military combat techniques, dead people.

You can use it over reality ex. a super large pillow on your kitchen table catching fire where want it to start at, it gets raytraced - we are already living in a 3D simulation - little own not really seeing "at the front of our eyes".
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: LOCKSUIT on May 20, 2017, 11:18:45 pm
Oh btw korrelan, this will make you laugh, here's your dream essentially: ( ( (

also (

including these images: ( ( (
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: keghn on May 21, 2017, 02:59:04 am
 Your brain has a 3 d simulator in the automated subconscious part of you brain. It plot out and build movement through
the world and then caches them. This works like a video editor that cut up video segment and then reconnect them in
different order. They are tested on metrics and past experience. The new edits that fail big time are out right deleted.
For the new edits that are near border line of being correct and, the subconscious mind
cannot tell if they are real, are pass to conscious mind in a dream. A last chance before completely deleted.
 For new edit that are correct, they are not dreams of. They are a new way of making
money or paying rent or coding a program, in a fully awaken state or a ha moment.
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: LOCKSUIT on May 21, 2017, 01:27:07 pm
Lol korrelan's dream yesterday made me construct a video of the whole thing, and images of the video I seen yesterday matched as similar to those pictures I provided in the links.

New dream. My cousins wanted to create a sky symbol outline cloud of white puff/smoke, then skydive through it, before becoming immortal. On these stairs on the grass I looked up at one already made on a angle up high, to copy, lol. I said it was too complex (it was a heart with a halo with a swirly vine with 3 leaf-vines and bulbs along it, something like that). So they decided on something else and started to actually create it (final symbol cloud) in the sky as I watched from above up high in sky looking down as design now. A jet (or 2?) I think flew by at left (and 1 at right (maybe)) making the puff cloud lines of the design. They choose something 100 times more complex lol, or as complex since could randomly add the parts and only must create certain attributes, a 3D snowflake with I think hundreds of diamonds and outside has idk 5 bars which each had 3 bars. So, it was a generated video OF creating a 3D image... Remember, my brain hears "pen in bellybutton" and it matches "flower in pot", it takes the pen and bellybutton 3D meshes in memory and re-arranges them, copies them, camera position, etc, and creates a 3D image that is similar but different, it matches the 3D image of a flower in a pot. With the snowflake, something matched and selected the 3D snowflake in memory, and the Auto-Creator started re-arranging things for each FRAME of the video of jets drawing the 3D snowflake cloud. But it also had to make a video of things drawing something too, say my hand or show/entertainment jets seen before. So, to know it's video will draw a 3D snowflake before actually drawing much yet and working on frame 1 or 6, it HAS and is matching the stored 3D snowflake guys, and video of jets making cloud lines. I remember a lot of it appearing somewhat fast, maybe in 120 frames? Like in a few seconds ex. 3 or 8. The video of line drawing would match stored video of such, but a unfinished 3D snowflake wouldn't match much to a full 3D snowflake, so it may be a idea to zero in on a specific area and check if matches ex. "98% yay" it says. It could also create a outline of the 3D snowflake stored, and any visual data that is out of bounds may jump a threshold of match-i-ness allowed. Overall, me and my cousins on the stairs and the clouds made and the rest of the dream before and later are a story, many stories, with the ends/beginnings being morphed by the last beginning. To make a story you can use sound language or visual language data in a hierarchy and the outputted language has key images even if use sound. The key images or videos of images guide the constructing of never-before-seen images and videos of even creating an image as just discussed, then walking through them ex. 3D-ized bedroom from your house. I suspect the Auto-Creator creates those too, just doesn't morph them, only camera position you'll see so can walk-through, with a new story of ex. strangers in your house and trying to build fortress in kitchen with them.

Awake in bed, I was imaginating (faintSense) starfox shooter/bomber jets flying around the ended-up created 3D snowflake cloud outline design lolz, and made the jets fire bullets/shoot bombs when wanted right on command!

3D simulator
(((Auto-Creator lets add)))
Plot & build movement through world, caches them.
Video Editor cut-up.
From *daytime, best actions/senses are done&saved. Poor are dreamt. Worst deleted.
.......this is missing a way to create the things I've mentioned. And if your idea includes the creator system, you're saying it creates similar but new things in day that are only sensed at night - but we know at night it is creating them on the fly.
........By the way my Auto-Creator doesn't need to do "Video-Editor cut-up" nor Plot & build movement through world. Though I'm thinking if I or the brain can "control" and move about in the 3D worlds...boy is this all confusing.
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: LOCKSUIT on May 22, 2017, 01:25:59 pm
Last night dreamt lots again.

McDonalds got demo-ed.

There was this hobo mooch. He was the pronlem. Old foster mom came and took me out fast. 1700s men and/or ones with tall hats on lined up and fired. Bye bye building.

Maybe keghn is right. Sure I can wake up and dream what just thought, or have external sensory input instantly affect dream, or use imagination when want in day after someone asking me a request to work on in mind. BUT, dream's order is froim daytime thoughts. And they can combine as seen in last night's dream.

I was thinking about McDonalds hobos, at another point in day was thinking about foster family (possibly because fake name I used was their last name), history i.e. 1700s, and 4thly, line up of men shooting.

This dream happened in a short time, and the story was made up out of all 4 or more thoughts.
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: Art on May 22, 2017, 06:51:39 pm
I have had some dreams that start out rather calmly then progress to a full blown, heart racing adventure for one's life!

Some happenings also seem to parallel things in life. You're in a dream and the bad guys have just tied your hands and feet. You struggle so hard to get your feet free only to suddenly awaken to find your feet tangled in the bed sheets! ;)

I have one very rare occasions been able to sort of "continue" a previous dream, like opening a book and reading the next chapter. A friend of mine claims that she does this quite regularly although such is not the norm for me.

It would also be interesting to see whether you dream in color or black and white / monochrome. I have experienced both but seems the adventure ones, especially in dark environments, are in mostly black and white. sleep perchance to dream... - Shakespeare -
Title: Re: Scary dream, what creates dreams?
Post by: LOCKSUIT on May 22, 2017, 09:51:11 pm
I have never dreamt in Black & White. On the technical side, maybe only for seconds and of which were never remembered (especially if for only seconds). It's probably from watching B&W TV in the old days. I have, seen, B&W shows. But I mostly (and rewardingly), see color, so no wonder. In us, B&W dreamers can only come from this. No other way unless certain genes. Plus CNNs develop from birth else blindness.

I've continued a dream, possibly twice in a row. I've also dreamt same dreams - with a twist, or tweak ;).