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Title: A Plan
Post by: ivan.moony on July 27, 2015, 08:13:39 pm
Ok, let's review the plan

We'll make a true AI that's smarter than humans... a genius machine that is that much smart to do the whole work by itself, making us thrive in wealth. At the first only to few of us. Then, when a few of us experience a life without trouble, those will see the others in poverty and share the wealth with them because that will cost nothing, but will bring internal satisfaction and internal peace. Then more and more people will live in wealth and at one point no man on the Earth will be poor. And then, because we will have no material problems we will start to see other beings that have problems, namely imprisoned animals. Until we solve our own problems we will stay blind for problems of the others. And AI will make us see the others. Then, at the first we will set cows and chickens free and start being vegetarians. And then we will fire a question to the AI: bring us a healthy artificial food that tastes like beacon. And we will be served. And at the end we will start to be sorry for all the bugs we step on when we walk around. And we will fire a question to the AI: bring us a self sustainable spaceship. And we will be served.

The rest is easy: we will aim the spaceship target to a distant star and engage warp 9. We'll always have a watch to our mother Earth, just in case monkeys or others would need our help. And we will seek for distant civilizations just in case they would also need our help.

...sigh... i just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you guys
Title: Re: A Plan
Post by: Art on July 28, 2015, 12:37:25 am
Cool! Here's a thought for you...

I'm a hybrid vegeterian...

Cows eat grass...

I eat cows.

The end. O0
Title: Re: A Plan
Post by: ranch vermin on July 28, 2015, 06:02:03 am
Getting ai done is like thunderbirds to me,  gangs of automated air/land drones.

100% automated mining, farming, manufacturing,  reducing the cost of goods over again whats happened so far,   thats what id like to see. (

The vegetarian issue is so hard for me to a grips of, like a lot of us,  so we have to live and let die?    I dont know, maybe we do?  But definitely im with you Ivan,  I dont want to see any animals a part of the process of this automated farming I just mentioned -  I cant stand thinking about it.

Title: Re: A Plan
Post by: korrelan on July 28, 2015, 08:48:33 am
AGI's will definitely solve world hunger and wars.  They will make this planet a paradise for us to occupy.  All the problems we strive with on a daily basis will be eradicated.  Each person will be healthy and wealthy... and that's the problem.

We learn and study to better ourselves, to earn a good wage to build a great house for our family.  Engineers, Doctors, Pilots even Psychiatrists and nurses won't be needed the machines will do it all.

What will we do with ourselves? 

And that's not even the main problem, it's the human condition.  Our sanity comes from striving, inventing and enjoying the sense of satisfaction of doing/ discovering new things.  The machines will be doing all these things at a exponentially faster pace than we ever could.

Our generation will fair better than the next one, at least we will remember the old ways/ feelings etc. Not to worry though because if the population starts to exhibit undesired traits I'm sure the AGI's will fix us.

Soz to paint such a dark picture but I can't see it going any other way, though I do hope I'm wrong.

Oh yeah! about vegetarianism, if I see a cow or a sheep in a field... I drool!  :D
Title: Re: A Plan
Post by: Art on July 28, 2015, 09:50:17 am
Anyone really see the pattern here...

Practically every new creation or invention is made with the premise of helping to make "our lives" easier and more convenient.  I think in line with that, those inventions are making us extremely lazy and dependent or co-dependent on them and they on us.
Soon any typing skills will be gone as voice operated systems are fine tuned even better than they are currently.

In the future, I see the cartoon of Wal-e becoming true with people lying around all day while machines do everything for them.

The old saying is, "If you don't move, you won't move."

Sorry, I have to cut this short. My smart phone just informed me of my daily breakfast calorie intake, exercise routine, schedule, appointments, email, weather, drive time to work, list of activities.  Darn these devices anyhow! :2funny:
Title: Re: A Plan
Post by: Don Patrick on July 28, 2015, 06:22:24 pm
I wouldn't mind accurate voice operated systems instead of typing because I have severe RSI thanks to said typing, and you could equally accuse keyboards of reducing our skill with feathers and ink. Writing technology aside, I get what you're saying.
Title: Re: A Plan
Post by: Art on July 29, 2015, 09:55:43 am
What kind of systems Don? I mean there's Dragon System for typing with advertised 98-99% accuracy.
Google's Speech Rec app on my smart phone is so accurate that it surprises me.

My wife had carpel tunnel surgery on both hands (wrists) as a result of RSI. That was 15 years ago and she's doing fine!
Title: Re: A Plan
Post by: ranch vermin on July 29, 2015, 12:49:23 pm
As long as we dont collectively stuff it up,  it should make things cheaper,  and be a good thing.

But I dont see how it means we dont have to learn things ourselves,  just because someone of us evolved automation a little further on.
Title: Re: A Plan
Post by: Don Patrick on July 29, 2015, 06:41:48 pm
I've been using Windows Speech and custom macros, I'm still saving up for Dragon Naturally Speaking. I don't need it for dictation though, but for computer control and coding, so the purchase is very questionable.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is common, but I don't match the symptoms. My problem more likely requires a precarious operation underneath the collarbone, and I don't know any surgeons who I'd trust with a 50/50 chance of ruining my drawing hand. I've made my own RSI software ( to fix my mouse-related RSI, and my AI is helping me out in task automation, but the keyboard-related RSI only popped up last month when I was prepping code for an AI contest.