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General AI Discussion / Re: I have a question
« Last post by ranch vermin on Today at 10:02:24 am »
tell us more about why it seems wrong to you so theres more substance for the argument.

points in your favour that i agree with.
  * theres no point repeating what we already have.
  * defuncting our own minds is a debilitation, we cause less difference to the world, and it may make us sick.
  * civilization as we have it, and as we had before, always worked, and if it aint broke, why fix it.

why i do it?
  * its a great way to finalize your phd, with a good ai thesis.
  * just about anyone could improve the current state of the art, so why not it be you?
  * you can have a brain child, instead of a natural child, and its somewhat different more or less as good. depends on who you are, and what you like.
  * its new and different and its coming into fashion.   if you think you can be a completitor, and
     you like your chances,  its a niche that you can get into. :)
  * keeps your mind healthy, cause your always solvin' puzzles!

General AI Discussion / I have a question
« Last post by ngoc96 on Today at 09:18:09 am »
Sorry i am been struggling whether to ask this question or not for like a week because i know it sounds stupid or even offensive but i am just want to know why, i mean even with all the precaution to prevent it to become hostile, i just can't find why is it worth to build an AGI or True ai.

Someone please enlighten me and sorry for my bad English.
General Chat / I have a few questions
« Last post by ngoc96 on Today at 09:16:24 am »
Yesterday I was sitting in the office of a notary (I have lost my dear dad some days ago  :( and needed a notary). And you know what?

On his desk there was a monitor (Lenovo). On the wall, behind his chair, a giant television (Sony) displaying the same image (the desktop).

On the desktop: "Windows XP Professonial" was written in a corner, with a lot of "normal" icons on the screen. A shock in my sadness, this guy had a true computer!

Despite the fact this man is young (I guess he's also not poor), and of course French. But he can survive without the terrible Windows 8.

Since yesterday I'm wondering if, if I change my computer (of course I don't need a new computer anymore), I must buy a Macintosh... 
General Chat / Re: What's everyone up to ?
« Last post by squarebear on Today at 08:33:14 am »
Awesome work. 13 years in internet time is the equivalent of 100 years the real world, as things move so fast on the net. So great to see this place still alive and well.
General Chat / Re: Why doesn't nature's cells consume all of Earth?
« Last post by ranch vermin on Today at 07:16:34 am »
As you guys probably know about me,  I think its only miracles stopping evolution from destroying the world,  its insanely powerful and things dont make sense to me.

Evolution is the hill climbing method in the purest form, inside the "natural model" like Archimedes "Give me a long enough lever, and ill lift the world"
I would say, in Darwins name "Give me enough robots in separate bodies doing only just hillclimbing, and ill have a very devil-like efficient pattern in its digital hive mind."

To put my point further.

Are our killer predators out there as savage as evolution can make them?
Are u sure sexual reproduction is more efficient than asexual reproduction?
Imagine a creature that clones its intelligence into its offspring so they dont have to start from nothing?
Imagine a creature thats constantly giving birth to itself.
And more,  just think about "the cracks in the system".

This is what evolution could make that people dont even consider.
General Chat / Re: Why doesn't nature's cells consume all of Earth?
« Last post by Art on Today at 02:55:26 am »
Yeah well, it does make me wonder just what all that weird looking lettuce & leafy stuff is in my salads when I eat at some of these more "youthful" almost Yuppie places. Looks very akin to weeds we had to pull from the garden as kids, not to mention Dandelion leaves and other 'Greenery'.

Kudzu in a salad...who'd know for sure once it's decorated with those croutons and onions and doused with dressing? Hmm... ;)

Getting back to topic (sry), the one main reason that the Earth hasn't 'consumed' and melted everything surrounding its core is that no one has turned the heat up high enough (yet).

Like melting lead or other metal in a small crucible. Only so much can be melted until the thermal temperature of the molten metal begins to cool within the pot, even with the addition of more metal. The situation might require a larger crucible for one but mainly more heat to aid in the consumption process.
General Chat / Re: What's everyone up to ?
« Last post by Art on Today at 02:46:06 am »
I'm trying to manage all these dates I keep in my head! I'm gonna need to get a computer...Oh...wait. :knuppel2: :2funny:

Yeah! It's been a great journey and here's hoping the road ahead is filled with smooth roads, blue skies and a gentle breeze at our backs.

(What? - Oh yeah...those voices in my head said to wish for no potholes nor speedbumps either!)  Happy Trails and Congrats to Dreams and Freddy for steering in a positive direction! Last of all the wonderful members and the diversity we share! They all help make our site unique, interesting and thought-provoking.
Sail on!
Graphics / Re: Baroque Ceiling in Substance Designer
« Last post by ranch vermin on Today at 01:26:30 am »
with 3d printers becoming more commonplace, realtime raytracing being so real, and robotics growing i think graphic designers originally destined for computer graphics will start making real things instead,  as a trend i think that is going to happen.
General Chat / Re: What's everyone up to ?
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on June 19, 2018, 11:11:25 pm »

13th anniversary?


General Chat / Re: What's everyone up to ?
« Last post by Freddy on June 19, 2018, 10:55:08 pm »
Just realised we passed the 13 year birthday mark on the 17th  8)
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