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General AI Discussion / Solid proof why Automation is incredible.
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on March 19, 2017, 06:58:28 PM »
Imagine 3 people in the desert.

One of them makes an awesome invention.

It starts POURING out miniature vodkas.

So many that they don't know what to do.

They start drinking.

If you have something doing something for you, even enough that no one must work, you'll have EVERYTHING. Everything will be made, cleaned, it'll be like an advanced machine/organism HEAVEN that never dies!

The reason everyone is mad over automation is because the people running it are getting rich and not giving the EVERYTHING.

How much money do they have by now? They're trillionaires! There's our stuff!!!!!!!!! That's OURS. Read the sentence above ^.

Finding oil is not trillion-dollar labor for 1 guy (like automation, finding oil "gives"). Horders horders horders.

Sure until smart minds can be copied to update the rest we can treat smart people (not trillion-dollar-laborers [not possible do earn that so fast]) royally so they build us more, but don't overdo it, cus all the automation won't be given, if it was, we'd have heaven.

If everything the 3 travelers made was made by automation, they could sit back and HAVE their car, house, food, HECK, even fake jobs - any you desire ! Heaven!

The travelers could then go and make MORE things while their system runs in the background.

Lastly imagine if we made automation 100% complete, what, no one is gonna have a job? Gonna be broke? HA!

What, everyone will be in their house, looking out their windows, broke, while the monster god auto-ma makes cars buildings food stars universes?

Think, again.

Don't follow the crowd's chant.
AI Programming / Re: Rivescript not working as expected
« Last post by Art on March 19, 2017, 04:29:36 PM »
Yes I recall that, Freddy.

It would be nice if a 3D animated avatar could be realized via Unity, Daz3d, Poser, Blender or some other "fairly realistic" method. Most users and fans of chatbots agree that an avatar provides a visual connection to an otherwise talking computer program.

Most also know of those 3D avatars from Haptek that UltraHal (Zabaware) and other programs used in the past. It's a shame that the People Putty developers didn't keep up with Windows. I'm sure there are other opportunities available...we just have to find them.
AI Programming / Re: Rivescript not working as expected
« Last post by Freddy on March 18, 2017, 06:33:41 PM »
Glad you got it sorted.

I'm very interested in your unity/elfscript project. I'm just using animated gif's of daz animations but would love to use a 3d figure and will be trying it when i have time.

Elfscript is on hold at the moment as I have so much on. But it's usable now, I'll look into opening up the private board where Art and myself had been discussing it. That's going to be a few weeks away though when I have more time to support it hopefully.

There is a technical difficulty in using my avatars in a browser that I have not got around yet and that involves multi threading. The short version is that it will not work just yet. I need to explore other ways of doing things, if indeed there are any - or for Unity to come up with something.

The Pipes are useful in the Trigger statements from the user such as + Do you have a (vehicle | car | automobile)

Interesting, that's the same method I came up with for variations of input. I use double pipes for random sentences (and also different input) and singles for variable phrases...

For sentences :

Code: [Select]
i: hello||howdy||Greetings||good day;
o: Hello there !||Good to meet you !;

For phrases :

Code: [Select]
i: I have a (bike|car|lorry);
o: Oh, that's a means of transport.||How long have you had one ?;

My interpreter is not fussy about capitals because all input is normalised.
General AI Discussion / Re: how to recognise overlapping images
« Last post by yotamarker on March 18, 2017, 05:31:29 PM »
using a camera;
//trying to achieve image recog

reconizing an object is one thing but :
if it is overlapping like 2 dolls standing and touching
two char's written in cursive

the recog fails
AI Programming / Re: Rivescript not working as expected
« Last post by brty21 on March 18, 2017, 05:24:06 PM »
Hi Art,

Yes, i didn't notice about the capital letter thing until just after posting the question..

I'm using rivescript-js-1.17.2 on localhost

I'm happy now that calling TTS and avatars is possible with rivescript and javascript. I don't know how to program, but there are a lot of examples that help
I am building separate .rive files in an effort to make editing things faster. I don't know if they should all be merged later or not? The standard Eliza based rive is still in there.

main things I want to do next are...

Build more brain .rive files
Use Mary tts instead of windows (no idea how to call this with javascript yet)
Do a lot more gif animations -as at the moment its set to talking or not talking (linked to the text to speech)

hmm this may take some time ;-)

I personally believe we have free choices/ free will.

"When we are born, we look like our parents. When we die, we look like the choices we've made."

Omg... that explains the geezer looking back at me from the mirror.. he ain't happy with the choices I've made, lol.

New Users Please Post Here / Re: Hello all
« Last post by korrelan on March 18, 2017, 04:30:57 PM »
Aye... welcome brty21

General AI Discussion / Re: how to recognise overlapping images
« Last post by korrelan on March 18, 2017, 04:25:14 PM »
So you are looking for robust system to read hand written cursive text?

you don't have enough detail

Are you using a scanner or camera to obtain the images?

Why do you think object occlusion/ recognition is relevant to OCR?

Exactly what are you trying to achieve?

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