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GeekCaveCreations - Morti

Morti Morti is a chat bot that "lives" in pChat, a chat room script written by Dave Morton of Geek Cave Creations. Based initially on both the ALICE Annotated AIML set, and Program O, both have been heavily modified with the intended goal of creating a more robust bot. Morti has several built in features, such as Google, Wiki and searches, and other features are either planned, or in development.

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Paphus - BOTlibre!

BOTlibre logoBOT libre allows anyone to create their own chat bot for free, including free hosting, even for commercial bots. You can create your own bot, and embed it on your own website, or blog. You can create bots for fun, or for business.

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Scripted Intelligence - Sybershot

Morti Scripted Intelligence is a new community site built with users in mind, where you can submit resources, articles, images, and videos. Share, connect and showoff your content with our vast sharing options and personal blog page. We also offer a full featured forum which is a great place to help others, get help or just casual chat. S.I. is also the home of the S.I. Chat Bot League, and other competitions.

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SquareBear - Mitsuku & AIML Programming

squarebear Mitsuku uses a programming language called AIML to understand and respond to people and I have written a number of AIML files to add extra content to her. If you have any AIML bots, please feel free to incorporate any of these files into your bots. They are designed ideally for use with Pandorabots but should work in other AIML interpreters and should be easily convertible into other chatbot languages.

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Sunama - The AI Project

squarebear The AI Project aims to create a working Artificial Intelligence engine (the AICore) which will be available to the masses. The first phase of the project is to create a natural language processor, which is able to learn information from user input and then answer queries, based on the information which was previously learnt. All questions and answers are dealt with, using natural English. No computer commands are necessary. The aim is to eventually evolve the project into a commercial venture.

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wgb14 (Giannis) - Virtual Guide Systems Blog

giannis logo I am a passionate researcher in the area of Virtual Humans. Although, I have an active interest in almost all areas of Virtual Humans (3D graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer vision technologies), my focus is, and always be, on the practical applications of Virtual humans in everyday situations. In my current work I envision the creation of a mobile guide system, a know-all companion if you like, ready to serve your needs (i.e., navigation and information) no matter where you are in the world. Such a system would make a reality the phrase "Never feel lost and alone again". I am perhaps far away from this goal, but I believe my current research and developmental work is the right step towards that direction.

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