The Gynotopian Future (title of this novel?)

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The Gynotopian Future (title of this novel?)
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:21:18 am »
Part 1 of this draft about three teenagers who accidentally arrive in a technologically advanced dystopian future where males no longer exist on Earth. I plan for there to be about 3 parts to this story. I must also explain that this is a rather oversimplification of the story I plan to create, as most characters are highly undeveloped at this point.

Three teenagers, two of which are male and one female, exist in their generally alternative/sciencey clique in an American high school in the year 1965. Their names are Tyler (b. 1947), Kenny (b. 1948), and Emily (b. 1947). The beginning of my story depicts them in a history class, where they are assigned to get into a group of three (obviously, they'd pick each other) to create a project about any important historical event that happened at least 100 years ago (i.e. before 1865), which describes such event in great detail and shows a great amount of research. The project includes a three-page report along with some drawn or cut-out pictures having to do with the event. The group picks Christopher Columbus reaching the "New World", which is on October 12, 1492, as their chosen event. This project is due in three weeks.

As they all get together to start the project, Emily's father, who is a professor at a local university, calls her and her friends. He says that a friend of one of his colleagues wants to take some kids on a tour of the university's science and technology department. Since Emily is thinking about becoming a chemist when she gets older (due to her extensive interest in chemistry), her father thought it would be good if Emily and her two friends could take this tour. Emily, Tyler, and Kenny are debating as to whether or not they should take this tour since they need to do their homework, including starting the Columbus project. They all decide they can do their homework later, and furthermore decide to take the tour.

Upon arriving at the university, they are greeted by a woman, looking to be in her late 20s and wearing some slightly strange and flashy looking clothes, who calls herself "Professor K.", and does not give any further information about herself. She had some very noticeable but also somewhat small qualities that distinguished her from the rest of humanity. For instance, no one has ever seen Professor K. blink, and her eyes never move from the one default central position. Despite these qualities, she is more intelligent than anyone ever seen before by these teenagers. Her hyperintelligence is quite obvious due to her extreme quickness and preciseness at solving problems or finding certain things.

She introduces Emily, Tyler, and Kenny to all sorts of mainframe computers which do all sorts of different tasks. They filled quite large rooms, and lots of men and women worked with such computers. During the tour, the teens spot a door that says "Keep Out". The teens later ask for a restroom break, and instead go into this room. Inside the room contains a booth that does not at all look like the rest of the technology they'd seen thus far. Looking at all of its controls and buttons, they all discovered/assumed that it is not a mainframe computer, and certainly did not use large vacuum tubes to carry out its operations.

One screen on the machine said "ERROR107: Not connected to XNet". They had no idea what this means, so they decided to go inside the booth. A door literally locked them in, and a large screen popped up in front of them, with a voice telling them to "choose a date and time to explore". It had a destinations list on the screen, with the inclusion of only March 6, 1962 (which was 3 years and 2 months before the setting of the novel). They quickly concluded that what they were in was a time machine. So they decided that they wanted to visit the year 1492, which is the year of Columbus' landing in the New World. So they tell it to go to 473 years into the past (1965 - 473 = 1492).

However, when they exit the time machine after this, they see a completely different setting than expected. Rather than seeing a very primitive time with little technology, and with woods and farmland dominating most of the American landscape, they see a time with droids and vehicles flying all around them and huge metallic structures that make up the entire landscape. Not a single walking human is in sight; rather, there are a bunch of female humans flying around in vehicles or gydroids (female androids) with technology which extends their bodies to fly. They have no idea what in the world is going on.

Welp...turns out the time machine apparently screwed up. Instead of taking them 473 years into the past, it took them 473 years into the FUTURE. They ended up in the year 2438.

A group of gydroids that are flying around detect the three teens and surround them.

"Oh my, is this what I think it is?"

"It is impossible! They have been gone for centuries! What nerve they have showing up here."

"Take them away!"

Two of the gydroids take both Tyler and Kenny into a spherical machine and fly them away, but leave Emily behind, basically ignoring her presence.

Emily shouts "Wait! What are you doing? Stop! They're my friends! They didn't do anything wrong! Come back here!"

Gydroids converse more amongst each other, ignoring what Emily is saying and doing as she runs after the two gydroids that took her away.

"And what sort of a machine is this?"

"As I scan it, it appears to be some sort of teleportation device, but its software contains a lot of scripts that I cannot read and don't have access to."

As the gydroids are flying at speeds slightly slower than the speed of sound, and Emily is running at about 10 mph, the comparison between their technology and her feet is obvious.

She yells to a passing gydroid who is minding her own business flying to another destination, and as the gydroid stopped, asking her what the hell is going on and why some "robot-like flying women" just took her friends away. The gydroid answered that she recently (about 31 seconds ago) received a broadcasted message that seven other gydroids just saw two males wearing "historical" clothing nearby coming out of a strange and unidentified machine, and that these two were taken away to the queen.

Emily says "Look, they are Tyler and Kenny and they're my friends! I need to get them back. I can't allow them to just be kidnapped after we literally just got to this crazy time period."

The gydroid answers, "Friends? I can't believe how far baselines of our era have fallen that they would consider MALES as FRIENDS." She scans Emily's brain, which takes about half of a second. "I have detected 62 mental disorders in your brain. This is a somewhat normal amount for baselines. However, what I find odd is that all of your internal psychology has memories that are from 1950 to 1965, and that an extremely small fraction of such memories are from the present year 2438. I conclude that the machine in question is apparently a machine that allows one to travel through time, though such a machine has not yet been invented. My name is H1251. Come with me to my home and I will explain more concepts of our era to you and possibly give you an upgrade."


"Just come with me."

A large sphere is created yet again, and Emily is nonviolently taken by this apparently nice gydroid to her home. It takes about 3 seconds for the gydroid to reach due to such fast speeds.

To be continued, and developed more, as I wrote this draft rather quickly. I wanted to leave a little bit of suspense.



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Re: The Gynotopian Future (title of this novel?)
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2017, 01:38:08 am »
Interesting beginning.

Oddly today I wrote an article about Time Travel and detailed how travel to the past might be possible but to the funture, not so much.

However, fiction does allow for such conjecture and imagination, so play on. Looking forward to your Chapter 1 since I (we) have just read the Preface. Good job! O0
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