Explain your workflow.

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Explain your workflow.
« on: February 27, 2017, 11:45:06 pm »
Explain your workflow.
What kind of notes do you keep?
Diagrams you make?

I'll go first.

Every morning, I wake up, rush into the bathroom and get ready, heat up some waffles w juice, get back into my room, and get to work on everything (mostly AI). Repeat.

I keep such notes and diagrams (that I assemble from even others works into unified hierarchy of all) on my desktop along with folders for pictures/videos/notes.

These main items are serious guys - the actual things i.e. hiearchy of what's going on in the universe, and AI.

But maybe the notes you work on are other things ex. signal processing or chatbots.

I don't think I really wrote this out good, fast I did, but hope it's good enough.