A Future ASI

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A Future ASI
« on: November 22, 2017, 04:54:47 am »
When I saw this commercial on tv tonight I just had to find it on youtube and post it somewhere. What better place than here.

Look at all of the top comments

Both me and my husband cried over this commercial. First sad tears, and then happy. I would buy the hell out of that little panda.
LemonMonkey me too
me four
Me five!
Me six!!!!!!!  💜💜💜
Same my girlfriend is balling right now
LemonMonkey ...me 7👍
Me too!! My sister and I had tears in our eyes. It really tears at your heart.
Me eight :(
blurr Drake me nine
Me ten. I'm a guy and I had to ask myself if I was hormonal or something, haha. Seen this commercial several times and I tear up every time.
LemonMonkey me 11
Marvin Lassegue I dunno which is cuter, the panda in this commercial, or the fact that you're convinced anyone gives a fuck what you think
I would too this commercial made me sad and emotional
Marvin Lassegue, f off, wich ya punk, bitch ass.
12. One of my favorite commercials of all time.

I cried watching this video

This video literally brought me to tears and I'm not sure why.

OMG where can I buy this panda!


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