funky 70's sci fi spherical encapsulated universal lolly pop joint

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Lolly pops!
The robot has balls where its joints are,  i like the design, i was thinking about the doing the joint this way for a long time,  but i think im definitely going to cop a little flack for it  :)   but i cant change my original idea or it wouldnt be purist to myself.
An interesting thing about it, is its going to have a couple of safety lids that work like a cats inner membrane to stop your fingers getting caught in it.  but im yet to actual detail the motion transfer it needs.
Its an added complication, but i thought what the hell got to do something with a bit of effort instead of just continually simplifying things.

Things to do left->
A) the safety membrane layers
B) absolute positioning pots
C) left and right brushes
D) coil positioning.

Ive looked up bucket moulding and it should be ok with a quick post assemble -  and im probably going to use some hardish rubber hopefully to keep things safe as I can.






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