If Ian Goodfellow invented GANs in 2014 then what is this 2011 DARPA video?

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It’s cool but it’s just a modern algorithm/ take on interpolation.

You can’t get something from nothing. 

New detail cannot be added, if it wasn't in the original image.


Unless you use neural networks backwards to generate an enlarged image.
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Oh korrelan you are so wrong.

If a bike in an image says a certain make/brand on it, an ASI can refine the image using super duper methods and make everything ultra clear. It can look at the humidity levels, etc. Just  like  they  did  in  that  DARPA video, but a million times more advanced. JUST LOOK AT HOW MUCH INFO THEY PULLED IN THAT DARPA VID

ivan....um....we get that...lol...........I used the GAN on the "Let's Enhance" website.

hey guys why is the darpa robots surprising they are just scripted to do backflips....we already have robots, now we just need AI. Sure they can track etc NARROW but backflip??? oh come on, why...? Their robots are'nt impresive because they'll have pretty narrow use until the holy spirits fills them.
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