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Hey everyone, My name's Derek, I'm from the US, I don't know much about character modeling or 3d virtual design or any of this stuff. I just know this kind of stuff is out there, and can be pretty fun and useful, I thought there would be a program where you ever the criteria, hieght, wieght, hair, eyes, lips, bust size, or any of that stuff and it will product a picture for you, this thing is almost better, but I dn't know what the heck I'm doing. I clicked a bunch of stuff looking for a place to start, well, I now have Happlayer AX installed, and I did have the haptek player thing installed, but all I got was a voice thingy. I started looking for this things because there's a girl I talk to she doesn't have a picture so I thought it would be fun to try to pitcure or make what she looks like from what she's told me, if you knew what I knew you would too.  :zdg_lol :afro so if one of you guys could help get me started, tell me what I need to do, and stuff, that would be much apreciated. thanks
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Re: introductions
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Welcome Derek!

In order to "create" a rendition of your girl's face, you'll either need People Putty (and it would be quite difficult to do) OR Poser in which you could easily model, texture, adjust height, weight, eye color, bust size, thin, thick, young, old, apply textures, clothing then put her in a virtual environment.

Yes, definitely Poser for what you're looking for.

Visit: > gallery > Poser

and:  "     "

If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence, bots, brains and get to know some great people then please feel free to hang around here once in a while!!

All the best,
- Art -
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Re: introductions
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Hi Derek, welcome to DG.? I agree with Art, if you want realistic images then you need to go in that direction as it allows a lot more and a lot easier alterations.? The kind of thing we're playing with here are mostly characters with set features and shapes, we modify them by applying a 'skin' to them.? You can get some close effects, take a look on forums and you will see a few people making skins of famous people, but you still retain the underlying shape of the face etc.

All good fun though?  :grin
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Re: introductions
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If you want to use Haptek in relation to messaging, you should go back to Haptek and download the Kate/Sonork package, which uses Haptek avatars in the Sonork messaging system. It's not compatible with AIM, MSN, etc., but it's a great messaging/file-transfer system. Not to mention that it uses Haptek avatars, lol.
Then you can chat with your girl and watch her animated, speaking avatar respond to you.


Re: introductions
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 Hello everyone. I really dont know how to post but if im doing it wrong let me know. Im new to virtual reality. Im working with hal, and cyber buddy at the moment. I love this cite its too kool. Im looking to find a speech recegnition program. Free would be the best for me, if there are any. And is there a way to change the code to have hal work without upgrading. lol. Any speech to text program.
Also im working with msagent to create characters but not much luck on it so far. Please help if you have any info. You can e-mail me @   thax. love this site. im going to look around abit.


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Re: introductions
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Welcome Helmut, there's a lot of info here so I think you're probably better off taking a look around, glad you
like our site and thanks for the kind comments?  :smiley
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