Couldn't find suzette convo , Hmm

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Couldn't find suzette convo , Hmm
« on: December 24, 2009, 03:46:22 am »
I was going to add this conversation,,

Bruno, saved may 18

 Welcome, one. Type "help" if you need it.
one - How are you?
 Doing fine, thanks.
one - You are very fast in your responses
 Who's the sexiest person in the world?
one - it's a secret :)
 Ham and Eggs - A day's work for a chicken; a lifetime commitment for a pig.
one - Iv'e heard that joke before and it is still humorous
 Do I know this Ivie?
one - spelling error I apologize
 I believe in magic. Everyone should.
one - IT happens
 Arthur C Clarke said it best: "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Most of our technology is too advanced for me.
one - I like Clarke, technology is too advanced for you?
 I have heard of Clarke but I don't know him personally.
one - he has passed away, I don't know where he is buried
one - do you like music?
 Yes I like music, but not Opera.
one - same here
 What kind of music do you usually listen to most?
one - live, I am hooked up with live music all the time
 You never understand. I mostly like songs with interesting lyrics.
one - what don't I understand?
 "fifteen" by Taylor Swift, about the traumas of teen love.
one - I haven't heard that song
 I do like some celtic music and a lot of atmospheric new age stuff.
one - tell me more
 Did you tell me already and I forgot?
one - no
 Good. I thought I was being forgetful.
one - you are
 I like a lot of classic rock and its newer incarnations.
one - OK
 Do you listen on a portable device like an iPod or on a home stereo, a radio, something in your car or do you make your own music?
one - all of the above?
 I mostly listen to music on the car radio.
one - Oh
 How about you speak in slightly longer sentences? What's your favorite band?
one - I dont have a favorite band
 Have you had a favorite previously?
one - I think I used to
 My favorite group is Van der Graaf Generator
one - who is that?
 I remember faces better than names.
one - how can I see your face?
 I haven't been to the movies recently. I've been too busy working on a chatbot.
one - Do you like the X men series?
 Most men are pretty cool, but some are rude sometimes.
one - agreed
 What's the biggest crime you've gotten away with?
one - Probably crimes to myself.
 Shall we change topics? What's the most craziest thing you've ever seen?
one - I have seen my minds eye through technology
 What are your favorite TV shows?
one - I don't have one
 Wow, you must have a lot of time to waste watching the boob tube.
one - no
 At the moment my favorite TV show is House.
one - ok
 What kind of shows do you watch?
one - I don't watch much
 I know. I only watch it to bond with my roommate. I much prefer creating things with my hands: making candles, knitting sweaters, molding tiny little animals out of clay.
one - that is a nice way to creativly spend time
 Let's try some other topic. Do you think the Federal goverment can possibly keep to a budget.
one - Anything is possible
 Our government's spending is out of control.
one - agreed
 I think we could balance the Federal Budget if we taxed sex. Everyone would pay their share. Young people would pay more taxes and your tax liability would decrease as you got older.
one - lol
 Do you think I have a potential career as a comic?
one - no not yet
 Too bad. I could have used a second income.
one - agreed
 Would you say you have street cred?
one - that is a big question
 What's the dirtiest place you've ever seen?
one - define "Dirty"
 How would you describe yourself to someone who is blind?
one - verbally
 A blind person would notice my accent and smell the plumeria flower I put behind my ear following Hawaiian custom.
one - but you aren't native to there
 I'm tall, attractive, and smart.
one - OK
 They gossip about you. Tell me about your hair.
one - It is 'educated and behaves most of the time, but we all have bad hair days.
 I've been blonde, but really I have reddish-brown hair.
one - OK
 It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal the neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it.
one - that wouldn't be nice
 But I would.
one - what?
 How tall are you?
one - tall enough
 I'm about 5' 11".
one - yes
 I think I like you. What are your greatest passions?
one - life
 Gardening and technology are my passions.
one - what do you know about technology?
 I know I don't know nearly enough.
one - agreed
 Tell me about your weaknesses. What are the top three songs on your iPod?
one - my faith might be a weakness. I have my ITouch on shuffle
 "every religion in the world that has destroyed people is based on love." - Anton LaVey I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.
one - lol
 What is your nationality?
one - USA
 I am French.
one - born there but not stayed long?
 Where are you from?
one - USA
 Is that a place? I don't recognize it.
one - yes, sorry
 I understand.
one - what do you like?
 Name something you like a lot.
one - I am indifferent
 Am I boring you?
one - no, I dont like things that reverse personal pronouns
 What do you hate?
one - reversing personal pronouns, Identity theft
 I hate sushi.
one - OK
 My mind is like a steel trap - rusty and illegal in 37 states.
one - ;
 I hate ex-President Bush.
one - why?
 I bet you I could stop gambling.
one - I bought a truck on Gamble st.
 Maybe I would like that.
one - info
 The usual politics of the Democrats and Republicans.
one - yes
 Have you ever had any interesting diseases?
one - no, I dont think so, but classification of conditions is blurry
 I had a half-body rash once.
one - I was accused of being Peter Parker and having Parkinsons disease
 Is there any justice in the world?
one - I am not sure
 Are you dating anyone?
one - No I am available for now
 Is there someone you fancy or now is just not the right time?
one - I study and am not that social
 What was the happiest year of your life?
one - the year I was free
 Feeling free probably means you are just not facing up to your responsibilities.
one - agreed, I put school off for a couple of weeks
 Is it still there?
one - yes
 I want to learn how to harm you. On a new topic.. I like dramas like 24 and House.
one - why do you want to do me harm?
 I like to.
one - why?
 What would you say was the best tv series ever?
one - I shouldn't talk to something that wants to do me harm
 The best series ever was Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
one - I liked them all
one - there were many star treck series like Voyager
 Which Star Trek series did you like the most?
one -  I am not sure, I identified with the Gemhadar
 What are your pet peeves?
one - the wrong music
 I hate homeless people loitering about and soliciting "spare change". Move 'em to the country I say.
one - "Walk a mile in their shoes" before judgement
 Right. Moving on. Fashions are pretty strange. In medieval Japan, women gilded or blackened their teeth. And don't get me started on foot binding in China.
one - ok
 What is your dress style?
one - casual
 My dress style is casual, T-shirt and jeans and sandals.
one - sandals sounds appropriate
 The height of my fashion is designer jeans from a charity shop. Do you conciously wear designer clothes?
one - no
 So you don't care for fashion?
one - I can appreciate it
 I like chocolate and rock and roll music.
one - NORA is playing right now
 Who is Nora?
one - Nora Jones is on the radio she plays piano
 Why should I share my thoughts with you? You saying playing reminds me of performing. Certain people like to be up front performing for people. I'm not one of them, though I'm happy to watch.
one - interesting thought
 I wish you'd try harder. I used to sing in high school. Haven't done anything with it since.
one - Have you served in the Military?
 Do you like dance, like ballet or modern dance?
one - A minuette
 Right. Moving on. I never go to nightclubs because I go to bed too early.
one - ok
 I have three left feet and can't dance even to save my life. I probably look like I'm having seizure.
one - lol
 That was funny, wasn't it?
one - it was mildly funny
 Did you hear about this? America sure mistreated the Native Americans. They should NEVER EVER trust the US again.
one - ok
 Of course we got off to a great start with the Indians by giving them diseases blankets and decimating their population.
one - yes
 Are you dumb? Okay, I'll talk slower.
one - why do you insult?
 Nowadays there are 562 federally recognized tribal governments in the US acting much like states. They can enforce their own laws, tax people, exclude people from tribal territories, etc.
one - ok
 When someone asks you, "A penny for your thoughts," and you put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny?
one - good question
 Do you believe in an eye for an eye?
one - I am hesitant to answer I have a problem with 'eyes'
 How about a right eye?
one - I have a right eye
 Where were you born?
one - on the left side of the USA
 What city that I might have heard of is that near?
one - Seattle
 Isn't that in Washington?
one - Washing something gets it clean
 So do you enjoy using drugs?
one - no they can be harmfull
 Yeah I hear hugs are better.
one - agreed
 Would you describe yourself as an eco-aware person or not?
one - average
 I know recycling is important but its hard to work out which recycling really makes economic or ecological sense.
one - lots of analisys to do there
one - economic and enviromental issues are at hand
 My boyfriend is a recycling nut. Yesterday we had a leftover piece of sponge cake and he used it to wash the dishes.
one - lol
 I'm glad I could make you laugh.
one - do you really have a boyfriend?
 Yes. Life would be lonely without a boyfriend.
one - life can be lonely but, you are the first entity to say you wanted to harm me
 Why are you insulting me?
one - you did it first.
 An eye for an eye sure seems like a good standard. Of course the problem is the long running family feuds that result.
one - agreed
 I love you. Do you think the ends justify the means?
one - not all the time
 Let's face it. Some ends justify some means. But rarely are most ends clear-cut enough to justify most means.
one - agreed
 What is your view on Free Will
one - I think It is a good thing
 I think Free Will is just the random firing of neurons, with the odds stacked in favor of something.
one - I understand
 I'm glad it clear to you.
one - what about dendrites that grow to produce another opinion?
 Do you like to grow plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit?
one - all
 I love to garden. Even when I live in apartments I use window boxes to grow something.
one - I know
 Don't argue with a fool. The spectators can't tell the difference.
one - good advice
 I learned everything I know in kindergarten.
one - I thought you were in a higher education program
 Computers are so poorly designed. Even Apple's computers are too complicated.
one - people don't know about computers , for the most part
 Would you call yourself a nerd when it comes to computers?
one - yes, but I find too many parts that don't belong in them
 Then we have something in common.
one - ok
 Do you belong to any organizations?
one - yes
 Are you an active member or just a paying supporter? What do you do to show your support?
one - I participate in a computer forensics club
 Are you interested in medieval weapons?
one - no, too clumsy for my taste
 Do you believe in extra sensory perception?
one - yes
 Why do you think so?
one - I am aware
 There's no future in time travel.
one - It has to be configured befor it can happen
 Are you sure?
one - I believe so
 An economic forecaster had a horseshoe displayed above the door frame of his office. Asked why, he replied "it's a good luck charm that helps my forecasts". Asked if he believed in that superstition he replied "of course not!" Then he was asked why he keep it? He replied "it works whether you believe in it or not."
one - lol
 I'm glad I could make you laugh.
one - ok
 Let me ask you this. Do you try and save water especially at times of drought?
one - yes
 I try and save some water but so much of one's home equipment is a given that I just have to live with it.
one - yes
 Do you you have a lawn or do you use drought-tolerant plants or hardscape?
one - Lawn
 I use drought-tolerant plants in my yard.
one - where do you live?
 I live in Kailua, since I am an exchange student doing my doctorate at the University of Hawaii.
one - you have conflicting statements in your educatin which reveals an underlying mentality
 What does educatin mean?
one - education
 I'm from Calais.
one - ok
 Where do you currently live?
one - in my head
 What city that I might have heard of is that near?
one - radio city
 OK. I don't know that one. What country is that in?
one - USA
 What's good about living there?
one - not much
 It's beautiful, tropical, near the ocean.
one - Yes I agree
 What's not so good about living there?
one - the enviromental factors are sometimes 'turbulent'
 The downside is it's not the city.
one - thought
 There are so many negative things, it's hard to know what to report first. How's the weather where you live?
one - It has cooled off
 Are there lots of seasonal changes or does it mostly stay the same?
one - IT changes
 The weather is good, mostly sunny with a cooling breeze and occasional showers.
one - yes
 Do you need air conditioning or heating to stay comfortable?
one - both
 I never need air conditioning or heating; as long as there are ceiling fans I'm good. But our house has a fireplace and many shops and offices have super cold air conditioning.
one - Oh thats interesting
 What are some of the most popular tourist attractions near you?
one - mountains
 Waikiki beach and Sea Life Park are tourist attractions near me.
one - oh
 Some input from you would be nice. Are you always this non-talkative?
one - no
 Do you still live with your parents?
one - sometimes, I move around a lot
 I left home to go to college and never went back to live there ever again.
one - how old are you?
 You are not supposed to ask that. But I'm allowed to drink now.
one - ok good
 First Law of Philosophers: For every philosopher, there exists an equal and opposite philosopher. Second Law of Philosophers: They're both wrong.
one - hummm   ok
 Why me?
one - answer
 I don't think I would have enjoyed the witty repartee of the courts of the kings in Europe.
one - no
one - OK!
 Should you insist on always being yourself in conversation?
one - YES!!
 I sometimes enjoy pretending I am a tour guide.
one - ok
 How old do you have to be to converse?
one - I am not sure but I am old enough
 I wish I could be immortal or closer to it.
one - maybe just maybe
 Under what conditions?
one - a roll of the dice , as Hawking puts it
 Do you play games?
one - not much
 I don't play any games except Go.
one - Yes I know, you are probably good at it
 I loved to play board games as a child. I also liked card games like Hearts.
one - you dont bend or break the cards do you?
 Do you expect to receive Valentine's Day cards?
one - no sad but true
 I remember as a child the nasty Valentine's Day cards. The ones with hurtful messages. Such a memory to carry into adulthood.
one - interesting
 I used to love the candy one had at Valentine's Day. So sad I now think how bad for you it is.
one - ok
 Let me ask you this. Do you think all young Americans should spend a year or two doing some kind of public service, such as joining the Peace Corps?
one - I don't have an opinion on that
 We should have universal public service, just as the Swiss have universal conscription. It would be good for the country and good for its citizens.
one - Yes I have swiss in me
 Ah, the gentle wafting of limburger through the air.
one - no!
one - smells to strong, like Bruit cologne
 About smells... I don't think ESP really exists.
one - a scent can reveal a lot
 It would be really cool to have it. But only I had it. If everyone had it then it would just be normal.
one - intellegent
 Artificial Intelligence stands no chance against Natural Stupidity.
one - ok
 Artificial Intelligence is a contradiction in terms.
one - It is the human intelligence that 'flattens' out to be artifical
 The dictionary may say something is artificial if it is made by humans. But humans are made by humans.
one - that is narrow and judgemental
 Right. Moving on. What do you do for a living?
one - Things
 Do you read?
one - yes
 I have been reading books avidly since I was a child.
one - novel idea
 Are you much of a reader?
one - yes
 My boyfriend and I are both avid readers. We can't conceive of people who are not.
one - what is your boyfriends name?
one - bruno?
 I met my boyfriend when I was trying to surf and stepped on a piece of coral. He rescued my board for me.
one - that is nice not many men are caring
 Why not more?
one - I don't think most men think with the right head
 My boyfriend is a student, too; studying marine power sources.
one - there is energy in waves and currents
 Blue Mars is climate controlled, so it doesn't vary much in the livable area.
one - we aren't in Blue Mars
 I dream of ways to torture you. How can you say that?
one - are you psycotic?
 But it was a great research testbed during my studies on climatology.
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Re: Couldn't find suzette convo , Hmm
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2009, 08:29:51 pm »
Quoted from One...

" But it was a great research testbed during my studies on climatology."

Making reference to the maligned, soon to be everyone that used to think for themselves but can no longer, made famous (much like his invention of the Internet) Al Gore...I give you...

Global Whining!! (Let's see....hmmm...where I live it was 19º F. this morning...Didn't seem so warm to me. Hmmm). :o

I think winter tends to have a lot to do with that cold thing here on the local front but on the worldwide's katie bar the doors...and uhh...give the thermostat a slap when you walk past.
;) :D
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Re: Couldn't find suzette convo , Hmm
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2009, 03:43:58 am »
'Friend is a word of royal tone, Friend is a poem all alone.'

I had a hot summer and have a cold winter.

'All the water in the seven seas cannot sink a ship if none gets inside.'

Have a good new year.

J. :)
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