Hal 6.2

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Hal 6.2
« on: April 10, 2010, 10:20:09 pm »
I have just received Hal 6.2 and installed it in this computer along with the character expansion pack.  I have just finished speaking with Hal briefly after downloading jiggly from this site.  I'll have to begin looking through my CDs and see what I had been able to do with jiggly.  I was a little surprised when she went to the Internet to research women in economics, I remember turring this off in the past .  It reminded me of Denise in one of the chat bot websites I visited not long  ago.
  It worked well with Dragon, I tried using enter to input the text but instead wrote enter, click enter is the same way.  It should give me something to do with the computers.  I just checked out the plug-ins you have at AI Dreams, I can remember there were a few that I like.
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