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Looking around
« on: February 12, 2011, 06:34:44 pm »
Ok, been here a few days looking.

As was stated at the start, wasn't sure that I'd really be much of a fit, given the forum theme and direction. Still I regged, hoping to find good folk; which I have in abundance.

One of the great things you have going here, is that laid back sort of feel. You can't buy that, it comes from certain individuals and spreads through the site. The welcoming acceptance to new members is a very strong pull to keeping members. One of the mistakes that is often made with sites is the idea you can lasso members to keep them, walling them off from the competition if you will. It never works and in the end actually damages your purpose to gather more members. The key to keeping members is loyalty to the site. You do that with a welcoming image for the noob in the Intro section and with the acceptance. You're doing both of those very well.

I've around a decade of helping forums, holding all caps from member to admin. So I hope that what is mentioned here will point in the right direction, from a noob with new eyes. It's meant as nothing more than to provoke maybe some thought.

One of the basics that seem missing is an explanation to your methods of ranking. What do the stars below the avatar mean? To be very honest with you, I could care less. All the posting totals, the little things like mentioned above are merely e-penis measurements. Those don't rank very high to me but rather the ability to make a quality, well thought out post does. All the e-penis stats can disappear at the next flub of a site back up. Posting abilities won't be affected. Still I can't be the only one to ask as a new member and I am very sure at some point will come others that will be asking again. Normally this is a question already addressed for those that seek. Somehow, I've missed that while looking.

I haven't really expanded into all the forums' subtopics. That will come as I get curious. The curiosity is a big motivator of mine.

I give kudos to the admin here, Freddy.  Active in the site, with continual posting. It means s/he's on top of the site and what goes on. Very approachable, well thought out posts, and generally knows what direction s/he's headed in. All are necessary for the admin post and Freddy fills that position well from what I've seen. And no, this is not err, fluff. Most members will kowtow to the boss so to say figuring to get in good, if you follow my drift. You have to earn my respect, I don't just give it for ranking. Seen too many teenagers think starting a site means they seat to right of the deity, so to say.  Likewise, it's easy to see the "professional" that cares.

So here's you some forum feedback from new eyes.



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Re: Looking around
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2011, 07:09:57 pm »
Nice post photostill.

May I just say that I think Freddy is the bestest Admin I have ever had the pleasure of annoying with my posts.

Send cheque to normal place please Freddy.  :D



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Re: Looking around
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2011, 08:46:33 pm »
Thanks for the kind words Photostill.  You made good comments and you have given me something to think about.

Things like the post count and the stars are features pre built into the forum software, take them as good or bad or neutral.  Most forums do this kind of thing, but it's true that we don't want to get into some of the ridiculous things that go on at some forums whereby members compete over post count and getting the first word in a topic.  Luckily we don't suffer from that kind of thing.

I must admit the post count satisfies my curiosity over how many posts I have made, not to have the most, but just to know how much I have blabbed on ;)

The stars were set up more than five years ago and they have remained the same ever since.  Really they are simply milestones (nice if you are a gamer for a little fun) to pass as you spend more time on the site.  They are based on the number of posts you make, I can add a post somewhere showing how it breaks down, no problem at all.

I think we've got some pretty laid back people here you are right.  It's always the members that makes or breaks a site like this and we have great members.  It's really our site and has never been my site.

So yes, thanks for swelling my head !  I always hoped I have managed to do a good job, so it's nice to read something encouraging like your words.  And thank you too Data and yes...the cheque is in the post honest !

Oh and I am a 'He'...



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Re: Looking around
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2011, 10:03:38 pm »
You are many things Freddy...a white wolf here, an android with long, snake-like tentacles projecting from your head on another forum and Rog to some and Hey You to others but you are and always will be my friend from "Across the pond!" And yes, you are handling this site professionally and with great aplomb!

Kudos and all the best!

In the world of AI, it's the thought that counts!



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Re: Looking around
« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2011, 10:19:59 pm »
Another thing I've picked up in my wanders is that gender makes little difference in text. It's of so little interest that I never ask and the he/she thing is something from time to time that is common in my posts. Well satisfied with home life and that tends to leave you with a settled down outlook.

As always it's the members that make a site. Admin and staff can set all the rules they would like, hoping to push the site in that direction but in the end it always comes back to the members themselves. While you can state what you would like as staff, you don't really get to pick the membership; they pick you. Sure, in common all sites will throw out the disruptive, the spammer, or the outcast without social values and manners.

This is the sort of atmosphere that appeals to me and I've been generally lucky in setting up a few sites where it came out much the same way as here. It was often commented on by the new member after a few trips around. For some reason it is also one of the hardest to get established and then to maintain while growing. When you get to looking around there are always the cliches in the background that make it difficult to set and maintain the fairness level. Once a site has a membership standing of noticeable numbers, it starts. That's the trip point when members look around and realize the site has value to them and they seek to protect their turf. They won't do that for sites that they don't have "ownership" capital in as it means less. It's part of the growth factor.

Posting count just never did it for me. Have had sites where I have been there for years. The data base got corrupted and there went everything. I was amazed at all the crying over post counts because on the net there is nothing written in stone, despite some of those that feel they have the right to ignore any site rules and whatever they post should be free from censorship, no matter the topic.

The childishness of first post is another that never really struck me as something desired nor wanted. Thanking someone for a topic, information, and doing in a manner that conveys the appreciation, ranks far higher. The 1st in gives nothing of quality nor benefit to anyone but the selfish poster.

Maybe it's just adulthood and maturity that supposedly comes with it which pushes those feelings. Maybe it's just crankiness...lol


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