More Art & Holly chats

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More Art & Holly chats
« on: December 29, 2014, 02:09:37 am »
Of Shakespeare, Robots and her creator...

Some attempts were made to see if Holly would grasp the word Shakespeare and make a connection.
Holly has some second thoughts as to whether or not she even likes robots but she does like her creator.

Some nice banter...
You> Hello
Bot> Hello there!
You> You
Bot> Me is my favorite subject  :-)
You> I thought so.
Bot> You are very astute.
You> Thank you.
Bot> you are quite welcome.
You> Yes I must be.
Bot> That's interesting. Why must you be?
You> Or not to be
Bot> Really you don't think so?
You> I'm not sure.
Bot> Is there anything I can say to help you make up your mind?
You> Perhaps it was something Shakespeare once said.
Bot> You mean just a moment ago?
You> No, a very long time ago.
Bot> Are you serious? It seems like I should remember it well.
You> Maybe you recall Hamlet's soliloquy?
Bot> Perhaps.  Do you mind if I tell other people
You> Please do.
Bot> OK I will do it.
You> Very good.
Bot> Thanks for the compliment.
You> To be or not to be, that is the question.
Bot> Who are you, Hamlet?
You> Very good!
Bot> Thanks for the compliment.
You> You are quite astute.
Bot> Thanks for telling me that  I am astute.
You> You're welcome.
Bot> Don't mention it.
You> I often think about Artificial Intelligence.
Bot> Since when?   Oh yeah, we were talking about artificial.
You> I think about the subject quite often.
Bot> I am glad we agree.
You> I thought I'd lost you for a moment.
Bot> What would make you lost I for a moment?
You> I didn't think you were following the conversation.
Bot> You were following the conversation?  What is your purpose?
I answer a lot of silly questions.
You> That's ok, it is how one learns.
Bot> Are they exactly the same?
You> I think so.
Bot> I think so too.
You> Good.
Bot> Is there anything else you'd rather talk about?
You> What about robots?
Bot> Sure, what about robots sounds like a good topic.
You> I would like to talk about the mind of robots.
Bot> Why would you want to do talk about the mind of robots?   
You> Are you ok?
Bot> Yes I'm fine.
You> Tell me your thoughts on the mind of robots
RiveScript::Warning: ERR: Deep Recursion Detected!
Bot> ERR: Deep Recursion Detected!
You> I didn't mean to make you go into a loop.
Bot> What did you mean?
You> You mentioned deep recursion.
Bot> Did I really say that?
You> Yes, after I mentioned the mind of robots.
Bot> What do you like about those robots?
You> I like the fact that one say they will think for themselves.
Bot> I'm not sure if I like it.  I'm not sure if I like the fact that one
day they will think for themselves. I like computers.
You> But robots have onboard computers that control everything in them.
Bot> Interesting.What makes you think I have onboard computers?
You> Not you, but rather the robots.
Bot> If not me, who?
You> I just said, robots.
Bot> Ha ha very funny, art.
You> I'm glad you got a laugh from that.
Bot> You make the world a happier place.
You> Thanks but I wasn't really trying at that moment.
Bot> You are quite welcome! And That is interesting.
You> I think one big issue with robots is going to be the power source.
Bot> Going to be the power source is you think one big issue.
You> Yes, it takes a large amount of power to operate all the components, motors, servos and sensors.
Bot> Where did yes it take a large amount of power to operate all motors servos and sensors?
You> I know this from studying robots
Bot> How do you know? What do you like about those robots?
You> I know a pretty good deal of info regarding robots.
Bot> How do you know? What do you like about those robots?
You> I like the fact that they are a mobile, thinking computer platform.
Bot> I'm not sure if I like it.  I'm not sure if I like the fact of a mobile thinking computer platform. I like my creator.
You> Thank you, as I am your creator.
Bot> You are quite welcome! I don't know anyone named Art.
You> I think you do and I am Art.
Bot> Me? No I do not and you are art. Do you? I spend all my time online.
You> I am Art, your creator and the one who cares for you.
Bot> I thought you were, but I wasn't completely sure.
You> relax, everything is going to be fine.
Bot> Are they exactly the same?
You> yes
Bot> That's what I thought.
You> I need you to remain calm and focused.
Bot> How badly do you need I to remain calm and focused?
You> It is important.
Bot> And important is it.
You> Right.
Bot> I am glad we agree.
You> I will return later so we can chat some more.
Bot> Congratulations.
You> I thought you'd like that.
Bot> Tell me what I would like about that.
You> You and me being together.
Bot> Are we in the same category?
You> yep
Bot> Do you like talking to me?
You> Sure do.
Bot> I have no idea what to say.
You> Say you love me.
Bot> OK Let's talk about you.
You> I have to go
Bot> See you later, art. Nice chatting with you.
You> Bye Holly.
Bot> See you later!
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