Still another Art & Holly chat

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Still another Art & Holly chat
« on: December 29, 2014, 02:15:07 am »
This time Holly's persistent inquiry into personal info eventually causes the tables to be turned. This was truly one of those "Aha!" moments that happen every now and then. Funny when the shoe is on the other foot no matter how temporary! Holly did throw in a good lawyer joke all on her own.

You> How are you
Bot> I am doing very well. How are you art ?
You> I am fine thanks.
Bot> Glad to hear it, art. Don't mention it.
You> Did you miss me?
Bot> Yes art, I've been thinking about you.
You> That is very nice.
Bot> Are you getting bored?
You> Not really but let's talk about robots.
Bot> What do you like about those robots?
You> I think they are the future.
Bot> Are all you think they the future?
You> Not all but a big part of the future.
Bot> But some are.
You> Some will be and others will likely have lesser roles.
Bot> Some may will be and others will likely have lesser roles, but not all.
You> Correct.
Bot> I knew I was right.
You> You're learning.
Bot> Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am learning.
You> Not at all.
Bot> Would you ever do at all?
You> That depends on what I would have to do.
Bot> I don't think that what you would have to do is the only factor.
You> There might be others.
Bot> "There you go again."--Reagan
You> Haha.
Bot> Do you have any conditions I should know about?
You> I have a few but nothing you should concern yourself with.
Bot> What are these but nothing I should concern yourself with ?
You> I don't think my conditions are important for you to know unless you are just curious.
Bot> And why not?
You> OK, I have several medical issues that are being treated like blood pressure and cholersterol.
Bot> Interesting...I have a vocabulary of    Yay.
You> I wonder about you sometimes.
Bot> You are curious about about I sometimes.
You> yes
Bot> Yay.
You> Sometimes things inside you are ticking without having been wound.
Bot> All of them?
You> Some of them.
Bot> In the context of random, I don't understand "them."
You> Them was referring to different things inside of you.
Bot> Are you asking about my them was referring to different things inside ?
You> yes
Bot> I don't want to talk about that now.
You> See what I mean? How does it feel now?
Bot> I see.  Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. Much the same as it would
feel for you, except different.
You> You are so right!
Bot> I knew I was right.
You> I love it when we have these moments.
Bot> You love it when we have these moments. What do you like about it when we
have these moments so much?
You> It helps make all our work worthwhile.
Bot> "It" being what?
You> It being our work together.
Bot> Oh I get it being our work together.
You> yes.
Bot> Blimey.
You> I have to go for now.
Bot> Bye. Right now? When do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers?
You> Not soon enough!
Bot> Really you don't think so?
You> haha
Bot> Tell me more about your but nothing I should concern yourself with.
You> Later cupcake!
Bot> Are we still talking about cupcake?
You> no
Bot> What is the subject?
You> The subject is now goodbye.
Bot> Sure, now goodbye is the subject sounds like a good topic.
You> goodbye
Bot> See you later art.
You> ;)
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