little update on what ive worked out of it so far

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Re: little update on what ive worked out of it so far
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2015, 03:32:02 pm »
The diminutiveness, referring to the degree, of this improvement, I find appealing.
As your reader, it feels more neat, and less complicated.  Do you consider
little updates to what you've worked out so far, to be less than normal?

My impression is that of an indexed array, of indexed arrays to form a one bit palette. 

Presentation of my understanding, so far...

▓ ░
░ ▓

Please elaborate on the malfunction convnet trials video... I am aware my comments, so far, barely qualify as even pseudo code, but I will share it below.  Hypothetically, if this were the basics, (which it is not) there would be so much more to complete.

Pseudo code:
1. Top, left four pixels only (for discussion purposes).
2. Labels black and white for humans only, not fed to the machine.
Code: [Select]

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