What's going on at Datahopa?

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What's going on at Datahopa?
« on: January 17, 2016, 03:34:55 pm »
There's alot going on at Datahopa.  Like PC hardware running inexpensive robot heads.  Starting out with a cutout of the reverse side of an empty soda can.  No wonder they recycle'em, that nice piece of metal cuts with a scissor like paper, but holds it shape.  While it can be bent, it is also somewhat rigid.

The round lens is from a large magnifying glass.

Servo motor all programmed in the Arduino, it's time to increase the budget from a soda can, to seventy pence for a robot face upgrade... A plastic mask ordered all the way from China, from a friendly, small business that really considers each customer important.

3D glasses from the movie theater, like the soda can, are usually recycled.

Perhaps you may be curious about what the next upgrade to this robot head will be?  Well, (hint) everyone is visiting Datahopa.co.uk, it's the place to be.

Special thanks for Datahopa for it support of this contemporary animatronic project.

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