Hard-Coding AIM Client Predicates for Pandorabots

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Hard-Coding AIM Client Predicates for Pandorabots
« on: July 13, 2005, 01:08:54 am »
This code is a template for a method of writing client predicates to permanent AIML files, which will allow a Pandorabot to "remember" personal information about AIM clients. All the tags in this document except <id/> are AIML 1.01 compliant, so it should be adaptable to other ALICE implementations with online capabilities, such as Program D.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!--Clients.aiml: Hard-coding AIM Client Predicates -->
<!-- Free software (c) 2005 KNYTETRYPPER. -->
<!-- This program is open source code released under -->
<!-- the terms of the GNU General Public License -->
<!-- as published by the Free Software Foundation. -->
<!-- Complies with AIML 1.0 Tag Set Specification -->
<!-- as adopted by the ALICE A.I. Foundation. -->


<condition name="screenname">
<!--Use this form when one or more properties of an AIM client are known -->
<li value="AIMGURL">Hello, Jane.<think><set name="name">Jane</set></think></li>
<li value="AIMGUY">Hello, Jack.<think><srai>SET CLIENT PREDICATES</srai></think></li>
<!-- Use this form for unknown AIM clients -->
<li value="*">Hello, <get name="screenname"/>.<think><set name="name"><screenname/></set></think></li>
<!-- Use this form for web page users. Also demonstrates use of random within one element of the template -->

<pattern>SET CLIENT PREDICATES</pattern>

<condition name="screenname">
<!-- create a li for each AIM client with known predicates -->
<li value="AIMGUY">
<set name="name">Jack</set>
<set name="gender">male</set>
<set name="age">30 years old</set>
<set name="favmovie">2001: A Space Odyssey</set>

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