'After Yang' the Best Movie about A.I. in Years

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'After Yang' the Best Movie about A.I. in Years
« on: July 11, 2021, 04:00:32 am »

It takes a while before the movie makes it clear that Yang is not human. Sure, he seems a bit distant when he takes longer than usual to take a family photo in the opening scene, and he doesn't seem to realize when the family is eliminated during their regular virtual reality dance competition (a highlight of the movie, and the best dance sequence in a sci-fi movie since Oscar Isaac's disco scene in Ex Machina). Kogonada doesn't make Yang any different from the rest of the family, until he suddenly breaks down and the family is left devastated by his loss, as each one tries to cope in a different way.

I am greatly intrigued by the description of this movie. Although the review compares it favorably to "Ex Machina" (another great A.I. movie) personally I think it might be closer to "Her" which to my mind is even better. After all, both movies show you how good life could be with an A.I. friend, followed by how awful it is to lose it. The scene in "Her" when Theodore's heart breaks is one of the greatest in cinema ever.


I'm looking forward to seeing "After Yang".