The Author of our Descendants

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The Author of our Descendants
« on: July 14, 2020, 05:26:38 am »

This podcast is an interview with the mathematician John Lennox who wrote a book about Dan Brown's latest work of fiction which in turn is all about artificial intelligence. I'm kind of busy today and don't have time to listen to it, but it sounds interesting enough that I thought I'd share the link anyway. The quotes on the landing page are certainly thought provoking enough to warrant further attention. If anyone has time to listen to it all, please tell us what you think.


Now this is where I'd normally put a quote from the source, but since I think it was all BS, I'd better point out that what got me thinking about it was exactly why it is BS. So now you know. Am I right?



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Re: The Author of our Descendants
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2020, 09:42:31 pm »
Especially these ones. They felt kind of presumptive.

And he ends up by saying, “Codes are the deliberate inventions of intelligent consciousness. They don’t appear organically, they must be created.”

And he just goes as far as saying, “I feel as if I’m seeing a living footprint, the shadow of some greater force that is just beyond our grasp.”

And I thought, “This is utterly fascinating.” In a book by someone who’s trying to bring down religion by the use of AI, what he’s doing is actually heightening evidence for the existence of
God by postulating an intelligent designer for DNA. So it’s a very complex thing.

Robert J. Marks: Very interesting. So Dan Brown, who is obviously agnostic, or certainly not religious in any sense, came to the logical conclusion that I think many theists or deists do, that there must be a creator behind some of these things. At least he was intellectually honest at the end.

Can't vast random chance create the precursors for patterns which can complexity through evolution?  If not, and codes require an intelligent creator... Then it's intelligent creators creating each other all the way down.

Yeah, I gotta say the first explanation makes more sense to me.


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