FAROO - Free Web Search API

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FAROO - Free Web Search API
« on: July 31, 2014, 05:08:07 pm »
Whilst looking for options to extend my future bot's general knowledge I found this free search service. I haven't really looked into it much yet. I'm dropping this in for future reference.

Are your looking for an alternative to Google Web Search API (depreciated), Yahoo Boss (commercial) or Bing Web Search API (commercial)? Try our FREE Web Search API!

Prohibitive search infrastructure cost and high priced Search API are market entry barriers for innovative services and start-ups.
The dramatic cost advantage of our unique p2p technology allows providing a Free Search API. With 1 million free queries per month we provide three orders of magnitude more than the incumbents do. An open platform, enabling innovation, competition & diversity in search!
Already used by more than 1,400 third-party apps.