Ideal Function Development in ANN's

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Ideal Function Development in ANN's
« on: March 19, 2020, 06:26:03 am »
You can only detect simple things,  when someone makes a sensor, its all what man can do,  we work out that even to make the simplest thing can snow ball into a lot of complications!!
So with this Functional Development, in the ideal sense,  means that you are producing AGI (if your really optimistic), from an extremely simple and primitive beginning, of these hardwired/instinctual detections.   Theres no sensor ever made by man, that was EVER complex!
I thought about it, and if a complex sentience came out of that, the only rammifications you can give it, are primitive ones, the complex nature of how it worked things out, is actually not detectable, because its not a primitive sensor anymore... and man cant detect it.
The only sensors we make are very shallow ones (only noun and verb symbols,  nothing with a complex intersection of sets encompassing over the whole of an image base, they are what i mean by complex, what we think every day of our lives without giving any importance.),  and if it had this "deep nature" to it,  it means its an uncontrollable force!  you cant control it,  you can only control what you can detect!


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