New Article - From Movies to Reality: How Robots Are Revolutionizing Our World

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Robots were once upon a time just a work of human imagination. Found only in books and movies, not once did we think a time would come where we would be able to interact with robots in real world. Eventually, in fact rapidly, the innovations we only dreamt of are now becoming a reality. Quoting the great Stephen Hawking "This is a glorious time to be alive for scientists". It is indeed the best time for the technology has become more and more sophisticated that its growing power might even endanger humanity.

From Movies to Reality



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We're dooomed... dooomed I tell ye!
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The reality is most movies today are not revolutionizing our world.
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Perhaps you've missed the gist, which is about Robots that are revolutionizing our world, not movies, which we know are mostly fantasy. It is, however, that fantasy that often feeds the minds of developers, scientists, engineers, etc., which in turn, causes them to say, why not?
Therefore, it stands that the field of robotics is not about one robot that can do everything but rather robots, each with a predominant specialty at which it excels. These robots have entered vast portions of our world and like it or not, they're here to stay and their numbers will continue to grow by magnitudes. They will be able to do things that humans would rather not do and things that humans could never do. They will outpace and outlive us! They will become, the dominant species!
In the world of AI, it's the thought that counts!


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