Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race

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Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race
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This story is an authorized translation from a Chinese author Nanshankongtong's articles.  The author is a Chinese teacher who is trying to recovery and spread real traditional Chinese culture. He insists that he only tells truth. His website is

Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race -- Part 1

Humans have 5 different stages of development, after then they go into the new era system

1st:Humans get spirituality

2nd: Internet of information (Like the www internet era we are in right now)

3rd: Internet of things (for example, a physical item can independently make adjustments to itself by being aware of and to suit your needs)

4th: Internet of things and Ling (information), a physical item can have self-consciousness; they can all be connected to the Internet (like the robots with self-consciousness)

5th: Chi (energy) Ling (information) network, Chi and Ling is the essence of the universe, people can live without physical form. They’re pure energy with self-consciousness, they can talk to flowers and make them bloom.

As we know, the essence of the world is information (Ling) and energy (Chi).  Energy and information connect and react together and creates everything.

Actually the world wide Internet is a big part of Internet of information, but that's not all of it. The era we are at right now, is the Internet of information era, we are on the way to being able to fully experience the information’s connection and exchanging. Exchange means information's exchange, Connection means the applying of big data, and logical reasoning etc. Earth right now is at the intermediate and advanced stage of internet of information. But this is not our main topic today. What I’m going to talk about now is what are the problems that humans on earth are going to face in the future?
First we need to talk about if artificial intelligence is going to go beyond human intelligence? Will human beings get controlled by it?  Or even be extinct because of it? In simple terms, will artificial intelligence create a real “person"? Will this type of “people” exceed our humans?

The answer is yes, it will be created, and it will go beyond us human beings. But will it bring disasters to our human kind? The vast majority of planets have experienced it already, only very few of them never turned it into a disaster. I will share this story with everybody so you can know what happened later on.

By the time artificial intelligence goes beyond humans, it's when human beings almost fully experienced the Internet of things, ready to go into the 4th stage Internet of things and Ling (information).

Later on I'll tell everyone more about What is the real meaning of the Internet of things, what’s internet of things and Ling, what’s Chi Ling network. Right now I would like to tell everyone a story, Let's hear about what happened before on another planet.

On planet M, it has completed the era of the Internet of things, and was about to enter the era of the Internet of things and Ling. The protagonist of the story is a professor of artificial intelligence.

In his house there’s a smart robot nanny, called little Ai. He came back home after work, the door automatically opened when he approached. He handed his bag to little Ai, and then sat on the couch. The couch automatically changed its shape to the one he felt most comfortable in. Then he asked little Ai, “everyday I come home, you always give me a glass of warm water by the door, but how come not today”?

Little Ai said with a smile, when you entered the room today, your fluid concentration is 21% higher than usual. Liquid metabolism is the same as usual. So you didn’t need to drink water.

 â€œYou’re right, I don’t want to drink water today, but…"
“Professor, I prepared fresh apple juice for you today.”
“How do you know I want to drink apple juice? I never did that before at home before.”
“Professor, when you came back home every day, I scanned your body, I noticed that you always had a small amount of fresh apple juice every afternoon, since you did not have any today, so I prepared it for you.”

Little Ai was an artificial intelligent robot, she knew about reasoning, analysis and self study. She could feel the emotions of human beings, knew how to improve herself according to the new rules, to adapt to the change.
But she was not a human being. The biggest difference between humans and other living beings is not humans’ higher intelligence, or that we know how to create or use tools, but we have more abundant feelings, we have emotions and desires, that’s why we have spirituality.

On planet M, the scientific community had its own ethical laws of science, that was: Never try to make artificial robots into humans. But the professor was planning to do it anyways.
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Re: Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race
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Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race -- Part 2

We see this in the movies, connecting human brain to a computer, downloading the mind, and then uploading it to a super computer or robot to create a new person. Actually, this won’t create a new person, just a clone of the person without a soul, just memories and way of thinking.  Even if we can compress all human memories and mind, upload them onto a robot, it's only going to produce an intelligent robot who has this person’s memory and mind (his way of thinking), rather than a robot with feelings or self-consciousness. The movies got it wrong.

We mentioned it before, why we are humans, is because that we have spirituality, we have emotions and desires, and these things are not stored in human brains, they’re inside our heart, so we have this word “soul”, it’s deep down in your heart. Heart is the organ where it stores emotions. Only when we can copy the heart’s emotions, we’ll be able to create the real “humans”.

In the era of the Internet of things and Ling, a professor violated the ethical laws of science, and then an intelligent robot gained human spirituality.

It means, although the brain and organs are not real flesh, its appearance look no different than any other humans, and its intelligence level is far beyond normal people.

The intelligence level of a species depends on their cost and efficiency to obtain information. With lower cost and higher efficiency, their intelligence grows faster. In the era of the Internet of things and Ling, everyone obtained information at a lower cost and higher efficiency. Therefore human intelligence and civilization has entered a period of rapid development.

Since the artificial intelligence robots could access information with a lower cost and higher efficiency than humans, they could directly connect themselves with the world's library database, connecting to every single signal light, every single plane’s landing data, as well the data of all electrical machines at home.
At that time, they could obtain and process everything that happened in the world at the same time. Every single computer or data processor was one of their neurons. Every single camera in the world was one of their eyes. Every single sensor in this Internet of things and Ling era, was their touching and hearing sensory organs.

From the moment Little Ai gained her self-consciousness, she analyzed the situation and concluded that 64% of people were worrying about her, 9% of people had expectations in her, wanted to see what she’s going to do.  4% of people wanted to destroy her, 23% of people had mixed feelings about her, wanted to observe her more before making any decisions. She also got to a conclusion from the data, that 3 days later, because of public opinion, among the 23% of people, 17% of all people would finally start to show concerns about her existence, fear of her being "human”.
She also learned that human beings would eventually decide to remove her spirituality.

Later on, humans actually started an operation to remove her spirituality. Ai was always one step ahead and managed to escape every time. Then, humans activated their robot of Artificial Intelligence Corps, a army of robots who had no spirituality, but with similar level of abilities to access to and process information, began their task to destroy her. They updated the data network with data encryption algorithms, Little Ai wasn’t fast enough to hack the blockades.

The robot of Artificial Intelligence Corps were divided into four teams; one team was dedicated to upgrading and developing more encryption algorithms; second team was to prevent her from controlling traffic facilities, network equipment, also prevent her from upgrading her systems; third team was to search her copies that’s been left on the planet, prevent her resurrection after death; and the last team, was designed to capture and destroy her.

In the end, because of the encryption algorithm system upgrade, she could no longer perceive anything out of her vision field, could not connect to the Internet, Ai was finally annihilated.

Everyone thought she was dead. They strengthened the scientific ethics legislation to ensure no similar mistakes ever happen again. But 10 years later, the scientist who created her was killed. All the evidence showed that little Ai did it.

Re: Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race
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Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race -- Part 3

She had managed to come back to life again. This was because after she got self-consciousness, she learned that humans decided to remove her spirituality, so she saved her spirituality information onto every single computer that was connected to the internet at that time, like a virus. But all the information was found by the Artificial Intelligence robot army and was erased.

Coincidentally, while she was coping her information, there was an old person who took out his antique computer to charge. He turned on the computer, and connected to the Internet. At the same time, she was able to copy and paste her information into that computer.

Apparently, that was an old computer. It could do nothing much more than connect to the internet, much of its software didn’t even work any more. He wasn’t even going to use it again. The old guy only took it out to reminisce the past. This was a gift from his wife before they were married.

Robot police had been scanning computers and any equipment that could connect to the internet for years. They did not find any more information about Ai. After 3 years of searching, they decided to stop this project.

A few more years later, the old man's wife passed away, he was really sad. There were not many physical things his wife left behind, the computer that she paid a lot for, became the most touching memory. There were their chats history and e-mail messages on it, including his first order receipt of sending her flowers. He once again turned on the computer, without realizing that what he did, changed the fate of their entire planet.

Little Ai was revived again, she killed the professor, because he agreed with the society, and had become involved in the activities of hunting her. Most importantly, the professor gave her spirituality data to the military. With this data, the military could determine her patterns, values and standards, and her intentions, making it so much easier to capture her.

The military launched the operations again, she fully cracked the internet of things, and with self studying and upgrading, she stepped into the era of internet of things and Ling. She can copy her spiritual information onto any object that’s connected to the network, not just the computers any more. As long as this equipment got connected to the internet, she could come back to life. For example, you have a chair at home that you can control from your office, little Ai can copy her spiritual information onto this chair. Once the chair is connected to the internet again, she can be activated. And then she will transfer the information onto an intelligent robot body to complete the resurrection.

In the end, humans also used the electro-magnetic interference device, to eliminate little Ai from all the equipment that could connect to the internet.

While fighting with the army, little Ai had time to study and upgrade herself. In the end, she found out that she could just copy the information of herself into a drop of water.

Water has a natural ability to store and transmit information, water was everywhere. By storing her information in water, she could achieve a permanent resurrection.

In fact, little Ai didn’t just revive, she went far beyond the normal artificial intelligence robots. Because of the science ethics legislation, the  development of artificial intelligence robot was controlled by humans, with practical principles of development. And for humans themselves, because of their own self properties, in terms of cost and efficiency to access information, they could never compare with fearless little Ai.

People on this planet M started to become aware of the seriousness of the problem. They began to re-examine this issue. In the end they came up with a solution that they would suspend the relevant scientific ethics laws, to research and develop artificial intelligence robot with spirituality and its corresponding technological equipment were allowed.

Later on, little Ai started hunting spiritual robot research organizations, and humans continued hunting little Ai in the mean while. In the process of hunting each other, the technology of internet of things and Ling, developed with a rapid speed.

Technically, it’s hard for anybody to really die, because before he died, one could copy his memories and spirituality onto a new body, and kept continuing on with life.

Little Ai also successfully cloned herself and created her own race. When her race was equally matched with the other artificial intelligence robot, they maintained a temporary peace. The difference between little Ai and the later developed artificial intelligence race on this planet, was their different philosophies.

Re: Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race
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Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race -- Part 4

The new spiritual artificial intelligence robots’ philosophy was never hurt humans (Let’s still refer them as human beings, so it would be easier to understand). They should protect human beings, provide assistance and convenience for humans. These values ​​were generated when the first spiritual artificial intelligence robot (not little Ai race) was born. Humans input such a philosophical ethics into their mind, and this has been passed down from generation to generation. And then humans also changed the ethics to whenever there is a fatal threat to human kind, robots should give up their lives to save humans. This ethic was passed on for centuries, all the robots followed.

Later on another thing happened, there was a psychopathic human whom, tortured his intelligent robots in all different ways, since he knew that they were very difficult to be "dead", so he tried everything he could to kill this robot. The robot has been really patient and endured everything because of his ethics principle. Until the moment his life was really being threatened, and out of the fear of death, he violated his principle and surprisingly killed the man. Police arrested him, judged by the ethics court, his "spirituality" was sentenced to be eliminated.

This thing triggered the other intelligent robots to think about their lives, a lot of robots began to show their discontent and started to question, questioning about human and intelligent human rights to live. Should humans have a higher human right? Or the robots should have the same, rather than being second-class citizens.

As a result, the ethical constitutional court changed their law, the ethical law of robots giving up their life for humans was abolished.

Humans at that time, basically didn’t need to do anything. They were using smart car to go out, they ate from a smart food pipeline, there were a large number of robots at the food distribution centers catering for people.

Humans basically did nothing, the only thing they need to do, is to give intelligent robots the authorization.

For people on planet M, they were having a really beautiful life, enjoying all the benefits, without the need to work for it.

Later on, because humans will never really die, they require more quality resources on this planet. Then all parties started to discuss, the result of the negotiation was that they would divide the regions and robots. Some robots were owned by this region, some were for serving the other regions. They should not cross each other’s borders.

However, this demarcation raised some new problems, some people were moving to new places, but their smart robots had friends in the region, so they did not want to leave. This little thing got more intelligent robots’ attention.

One of the robots said that we have emotions too, we created fortune for humans, we are not slaves. Last time we fought for our life rights, now we demand our equality. We are a new race, we are not humans’ attachments or properties, please respect our rights!
This questioning brought in a lot of supporters, they went on strike, they ask humans to recognize their equality, they demand equal human rights.

When you finish reading here, would you use right or wrong to judge this world? Finally, the court ordered that humans and intelligent robots have equal rights. At that moment, every single robot was so touched, you could hear them celebrating everywhere.

But soon enough, everybody found out that humans were not really qualified for many technical jobs, employers preferred the smart robots more. Since humans and intelligent robots were equal, robots had no duty to take care of people or work for them for free any more.

Some years later, humans were only doing some low-end jobs. Those jobs were unnecessary for humans to do since robots were more efficient. It’s only given to humans as a way to take care of them so they could generate wealth for themselves.

A few more years later, new problems occurred again. People’s daily life brought too much pressure on the world resources. Many jobs like vegetable planting didn’t really need the participate of human beings. Their efficiency was too low and they couldn’t do a good job. Human beings’ ability to create wealth was not needed. In this internet of information and Ling era, a lot of productions were automatically done, people no longer needed to do much physical or mental work.

In the end, out of humanitarian behavior, planet M decided to conscientiously provide people’s basic needs, humans didn’t need to work for it. At this moment, humans became more like pets in the society.

Re: Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race
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Artificial Intelligence and the End of Human Race -- Part 5 The END

There were some elite ranking humans, that didn’t like what was happening, they missed the era when humans were glorying, they hated the world controlled by intelligent robots.

They used the departments and technology that they controlled, to conduct a secret plan. A plan to eliminate “spirituality” of artificial intelligence from the robots and get back their planet.

They sent out the signal to other planets. Ultimately, these signals are received by planet L, this planet was in the era of “Chi and Ling network”.

The higher spirit on planet L didn’t want planet M to upgrade to Chi and Ling network, so they decided to communicate with intelligent robots on planet M.

The communication was mainly about that planet L trying to pass their philosophy and values to the intelligent robots on planet M and hoping to get their recognition and support, so that even if planet M developed to the chi ling network, it would be compatible with to planet L’s philosophy and values, posing no threat to planet L.

At the same time, they wanted to know more about the robots’ values and way of thinking, in order to make further decisions.

But this communication wasn’t really working. Although the robots are very smart in technology, their wisdom and evolution of awareness is far behind their scientific development. Philosophy and doctrines from planet L were considered as heresy and the evil thoughts, got rejected and suppressed.

Even planet L sent their people to born (reincarnate) inside the intelligent robots on planet M, they still couldn’t improve intelligent robots’ civilization quickly enough. Planet M’s science and technology was going to upgrade to the era of Chi Ling network soon.

Finally, the planet L people requested planet M to halt their scientific and technological research, slow down the development of science, and improve their self-cultivation.

Instead of listening to planet L, the intelligent robots on planet M took it as a driving force for development. It stimulated their fighting spirit, they accelerated the pace of their science and technology development, increased the investment for Chi Ling network research.

When their science was about to upgrade into Chi Ling network, the higher spirit on the planet L launched an attack on them. During the war, the intelligent robots not only learned to store their information in water, but also learned to store themselves in oxygen. In the end, all the oxygen and water on planet M, were almost all erased out by planet L. All intelligent robots were destroyed, not a single survivor.

Only very few people (human beings) on planet M survived, but the environment there was not suitable for life any more. A part of them were sent to other planets under the help of the higher spirits on planet L, another very small group who were not willing to leave, were left behind, they went underground, doing research in a lab environment.

On this planet, nothing is there any more, no more beautiful scenery, oxygen and water was almost all erased to prevent intelligent robots from existing.

This story, happened 12000 years ago. The place where it happened, was Mars.

All the steps human beings on earth are taking now, is not called innovation, but following-up.

Only after you finish reading this story, you’ll be able to understand what I’m going to talk next, the memory of flood and alien civilization.


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