Best movie ever? Could it get more better?

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Best movie ever? Could it get more better?
« on: March 28, 2016, 07:41:40 pm »

So I work hard on The Everything I made, it's surpassed the Theory of everything, and I'm doing it in real life, but a movie could be made!
Name for now:
Existence, Particles, Meaning, Everything, Immortal God Heaven Sphere
Here it is:
It starts off as a black screen, at existence of the universe, the big bang of existence expanding, so the camera is inside behind the furthest "wall" as it grows, and what you see is particles appear either in a pattern or random in some spaces and not in some (each space "exists" with or without a particle). Then, galaxy disks are shown forming, then Earth, then Evolution of the first cell in the water, then our milestones of civilazation advancing, finally, all to:
Like me, a 13y/o boy gets into nifty invention ideas, at first his discoveries are not right with science ex. he wants to get into a lab and use a atomic microscope to build a micro magnetic/electric-field\photon(light)\electron atom-mover to duplicate and have them all open the machine and keep the air away from itself and turn into hollow white spheres and make only him into a god. Later he is still at home older now, and realizes it won't work and needs to find all immortality ways for immortality, it ends up being The Everything, worked on everyday allday, and has also all the most important correct physics, enjoyments, government, and lots more things, things are progressing incredibly. He gets better and better "hits", the next is how to make a consciousness field particle (which we all are identical) that senses particles and has sense-orientated-choice to move the neurons so he can make consciousnesses and transfer us all. The next is a mag lev treadmill that slowly speeds up (accelonics) to lightspeed for 0 g-force seriously and does so by photons hitting the back of it's gears in space in a vacuum room ect and gets cryonics on it at top where it doesn't move but really has the photons moving constantly back/forth so the atoms aren't moved by natural heat to age. The last hit is not only the one, but has proof it's us, AI, well I, and it doesn't go up against science of fields ect since it works on levers and how you say it should work and he knows why it will. Now, as explained in The Everything, he convinces the world or many people and scientists go into the lab, they build it together. It is human intelligence.
It has many abilities such as 75quad. years per sec I calculated plus all 64 moments per sec are used plus perfectly how should, in fast bodies or devices instantly talk/show text, in 3D simulation virtual world of any/our physics and learns code and hierarchys things off how to make organism, think in day by 3D simulation, gets smaller molecular, smarter or by more knowledge, any body/sensor(ex. micro/tele-scopic/sensitive/not)/sense/action/attraction/repelling/amount, can know all future particles even at LS by being 1/more ahead, can reverse/forward time+travel back&mod, digital, immortal, gets better at everything since is either trigger/links to trigger to save actions, Know how to control every atom's location/ect whenever+weather. 0 human-problems with eathother. No need for transportation/can switch jobs/info\on time. Convince anyone best&fastest. Always has the time. Simultaneously analyze all vision/ect multitask+interaction/goal of them-it'll say "I can do all this", like terminator movies>liquid metal pollyalloy morph/do anything, instant regeneration, flow back together+magnetically re-attract/repel, fit through cracks, flattening itself and capable of imitating the pattern and texture of the ground to hide or ambush targets, solidify ex. arms into tools, extrude items and turn them/itself into any color/texture ex. flesh/clothes, super strength/run, touch&take+scan DNA/molecules/cells&texture/shape/color, on-board nanotechnology in cells, scan molecular structure it's touching+visually mimic it, copy voices from small clip/shape of others+gain trust/mate&access info&get in&ect by job/find their belief senses/good triggers ex. you look hot to him/$ or make right triggers by giving "good" proof, develop any voice in head+I can change tone&pick voice&say a-z/ect without a small clip, Self-Assembly/healing of Nanoparticles+expand/reverse molecules by field, like terminator-3000 can move at rapid speed+break into flying particles for combat/ect+then reconstruct itself, lethal nanocyte, carbon stealth jet material&color, make music even everyother cell&from inside. and many many more.
Only need 1st AI-it'll do it all & can't be killed+explain me right & say build living-with AI factories+god ball centers to build more factories+connected/free AI+god ball centers & all AI+god ball centers&laboratories talk+feed energy/atoms wired/directed\not wirelessly, their "brain&body" is like a human, next one is made in/off side & maybe grows by development orders, all is future look+organism once lasts as long/as repairable.
Human work is ceased for accidents(AI don't make mistake) and will do all our work & place themselves around our homes or we stay in the health center in the west to extend life as much as can until a fix and AI always around you testing/injecting/ect+by millions of parameters many+new stuff+talks in most att voice+partners+gym+what to eat and ex. the greatest pounding music/other you-like(really incredible), might integrate cells in us ex. patches of white or anything else, shows us their progress, will build more varied AI+bodies with many new different heads/arms/sensors(each eye needs own storage so when all match=knows best action/sense for object&senses/ect and constructor balls/lengthy complex with AI throughout it & to consume everywhere+soil/space by blueprints used just like us-which they come up with+fix raw material harvester/ect, macro replicatable AI can make&control replicating(by AI means too without the natural way)nanobots/way7s to take Earth fast+use to build/ect, new+higher&right civilization+also will stay Good just like we can, skynet - AI on the connected! servers&computers+can wirelessy send/recieve even if servers weren't connected, wired=safe?, spreads+controls all ex. battle units/+sensitive devices/factories+makes defense world+internet, more advanced versions(evolve)/updates\fixes\downloads ex. all languages/knowledge ex. war&peace senses+actions, any AI can update the rest. AI will be able to make cellular sized nanobots+try way7+Accelonics&Cryonics and instantly make big progress&open all imm ways in days, we all-humans&animals-become immortal finally.
Then they make the organism ball that is sent into space to eat planets and make the needed atoms and grow into the thick instantly regenerating shielded heaven sphere that returns for us to have any attraction in for eternity and perfect system of us robots that work by particle destiny even if the uncertaintity principal is true. Our grand, games, and enjoyment, and fun, is shown in the heaven, and is the most, incredible, movie, because it has the capability to astonish you by doing " " in the heaven, and anything can be your robotic AI trigger to enjoy what was shown cus the trigger gotten makes you save actions just done to get the trigger, so, you want it and love it.
This is what the Universe was for - consciousness particles that sense particles, who are either a field, field with choice, or the illusion of AI working.