Dimensions of Consciousness : Introduction

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Dimensions of Consciousness : Introduction
« on: November 25, 2006, 06:53:32 pm »
Ever since my first reading of  ?A Wrinkle in Time" I have been fascinated by extra dimensions, fewer dimensions and alternate dimensions.  While advancing age has removed some of the layers of fantasy involved in that interest, knowledge has added to the wonder of the premise.

No longer able to pretend strange creatures hiding around a corner I cannot turn or voyages made by stepping through a door, I am yet able to envision a dimension where light oscillates across the entire universe and back in the space of an instant, but that dimension is the length of the photon's wave. Compacted dimensions allowing photons to establish a standing wave, creating the building blocks of atoms. This may actually be true; evidence of those extra dimensions can be seen in the inverse cubed-and-greater field of interaction of the nuclear forces.

I hope to present a model of Consciousness as layers of data processing that extend into more than the standard three dimensions. I loosely compare them to physical dimensions in order to show how layers of data and effects of processing contact and interact with each other. I imagine how they might act like those extra compacted dimensions to accomplish data processing on an advanced level.

I do not pretend that this represents human consciousness in any way. Nor is it a way to simulate human consciousness. If anything like a consciousness can be achieved using a model like mine, it will almost certainly be a new type of consciousness. It should have some of the same attributes, but a completely different structure. An unintended consequence may be to demonstrate that current chatbots, while semi-intelligent, are not structurally capable of consciousness. That would be up to their designers to debate.

I also do not pretend that this is a ?Theory? or analysis or experiment. Much of this is inspired by or blatantly stolen from the work of people who actually do this for a living. This is more of what could be called a ?Popularization? or a visualization of some odd things I?ve read and thought about. It forms a whole quasi-visual concept in my brain with all the edges tucked in and the corners smoothed off. I?ll try to transmit that image to you (without the attendant psychosis).

In the short term, I hope that this model can help with text processing in conversational robots (Chatbots), in the long term, with greatly improved data storage and processing speed, I like to pretend that it might help actualize real constructed minds.

My least hope is that you enjoy reading this and that it sparks some wonder and invention in your life.


If anyone has any interest, let me know and I will post the following parts as I edit them for publication.



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Re: Dimensions of Consciousness : Introduction
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2007, 03:15:18 pm »
If you are still working on this Bill and you are out there it would be interesting to read.  One of the problems we came across was how consciousness is perceived and then on to how it could be recognised and declared in a 'living machine'.  Your joke about transmitting your idea to our minds is hitting the nail on the head.

What I mean is whilst we as living beings acknowledge the consciousness of others humans - more than likely by the assumption that like is like - we can't fully appreciate the consciousness of a sparrow let alone a supposed living machine.  All we can do is project our perceptions onto things and humanise them, and someway bring them closer to ourselves - not neccessarily meaning the subject of our projections is really conscious at all.

Exploring consciousness in the way you describe may bring a few more ideas out on this subject.
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