Can a machine have empathy? - An article

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Re: Can a machine have empathy? - An article
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2019, 12:10:38 am »
Human/ empathetic/ aware/ consciousnesses/ luck/ god/ royalness/ fiction/ etc thrill the mind full of power and future rewards, but are false. They are medalic charms sold for cash. People will make money selling bibles and using the word of god in churches, selling luck charms, seeming to care about you to earn a high title name, etc. These thrillers are not just self-thrilling, they are fed to you even more and you pay. It's food. But it's high hopes, it's helium, not real food. :)

I believe a machine can do anything a human can do, because we are in fact simply a machine with very small parts invisible to the eye of what we can currently build when compared, and 'mystery' thrills us when we currently don't know how we work, and when we do get closer, those things become boring. So we tend to not see what we really are; Where are the metal parts? Why can I solve a problem? It's there, it's all there. One big reason I think we are machines is because I understand how the brain works, otherwise we see ourselves as powerful creatures much different from tables, rocks, TVs, etc. There is a big difference, and it seems to be much more lively and smarter than a rock, because we seek self-preservation and can attain it too on a daily basis, rocks can't, but actually we are not alive and we are just machines. The first step is understanding your drives. Why is steak tasty? The next step is understand how you solve problems. Originally we see ourselves as "alive" and "smart" at getting whatever (ex. steak) we want, but you may discover soon our goals, our bodies, our thinking, our actions, are all not so amazing, and follow laws of physics. You only seem alive because you try to stay alive and try to find steak that keeps your body functioning. And you are smart, at doing that.
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Re: Can a machine have empathy? - An article
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2019, 12:19:29 am »
Rephrased, the article asks, "Can a machine learning system whose statistical data gathering detects that humans often say 'mmm' and then copies that pattern per its programmed instructions have empathy?" No, of course not.


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