Looming Computation Limits

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Looming Computation Limits
« on: July 12, 2020, 02:43:14 am »

Improving the performance of an English-to-French machine-translation algorithm so that it only makes mistakes 10 percent of the time instead of the current rate of 50 percent, for example, would require an extraordinary increase in computational power—a billion billion times as much—if it were to rely on more computation power alone.

There are still plenty of hardware advances coming, but they won't be enough. If any of this stuff is going to get to the point where it is usable, nevermind make it out of the lab and into a production environment where we can all use it, we're going to need better software and algorithms. Ironically, if you are serious about making a contribution, I personally think you should improve your C, SQL, and LISP programming skills.

Note that if anyone says quantum computers will save us, I will laugh at you.  :knuppel2:


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