Advanced cool robotics game just found !

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Advanced cool robotics game just found !
« on: October 24, 2021, 08:51:01 pm »
This is getting closer to the kind of game I'd make, it actually progresses and the music changes, and has nice sound effects later. Really nice stuff here...Still could be much better and less items all over the place and more sleeker, but still the intenseness going on here

Others games like the game I'd make later (I work on AGI... until we are safe :) ) would be um, well, see, ninja gaiden black has a really good logic to it and long progressiveness and difficulty, but still could be even progressing through a tall metal castle...getting only harder, taking 3 years to beat but you can't beat it - that makes it replayable!, and big bosses of liquid black goop, red sharp beam blasts, upgrades, gold keys falling out them skyscraper sized bosses, etc...

dude....this game just got more cooler....the intro....and mission 10 has some cool pyramid and a planet in the background nice !.....and mission 11 ok this is how it should be progressing yes, though i didn't like the other missions. End scene was great lol, the guy and girl they kiss.



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Re: Advanced cool robotics game just found !
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2021, 04:10:45 am »
Ai can be used to make games, and it can be really good,  and reduce the amount of work the game takes to make.

   * Cellular Automata,   can form 2d animating models.
   * Transformers-    That take an input,  go into a perceptron, to change to an output,  can do cool things for you.  Maybe it takes the stick men of the game, then fleshes out all the graphics for you.

   * Physics engines -   Make the collision detection and animation heaps more realistic.   AAA action adventure games, utilize physics engines.


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