Playing with yourself in SL...

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Playing with yourself in SL...
« on: February 10, 2009, 04:44:57 pm »

Attractive title, isn't it? Yes, as everyone knows, the title is always very important, if you want your topic to be read. And today, it's a 3-in-1 topic. As always, totally useless. ;D


I guess most of you have several accounts in SL: and then type "alt account" in the search window.

May I advise people who are unable to separate SL from RL no to do that? Life might become very very confuse for them. ;D

For others, it's fun. You can

- live different lives in SL
- create/delete characters until you finally find your definitive SL personality
- discreetly visit your usual "scenes of crime" without been recognized by your friends


For a long time I thought we needed two computers, if we wanted to simultaneously run two SL's. Until I read this:

So you can launch two SL's with two characters of yours, in a same place of SL. Open the two windows in full-screen mode and switch them. Or create a split window like the screenshot above (yes, I know, my SL graphics settings are not very high, but it's a deep and wide landscape, lol).

With your keyboard, you move the avatar who "has the focus" (the one in the active window). The funny thing is that you can see he/she's moving in the other window too. By the way, nothing more than my old race car games. Just a little bit slower.


What else? Playing with yourself in SL, of course! It's the topic.

It's obviously not easy to move two characters with one keyboard. That's why my first idea (with two computers) is not so stupid. But if your two avatars (YOU and YOU!) use poseballs or animations, it becomes easier to get funny things.

I must say again to mentally fragile people: "Please, don't try this!". ;D


All that is not perfect. You really need a powerful computer. It works on my old PC but

- it takes a lot of time to launch the second SL
- after a while, one of both begins to lag
- and finally crashes and must be reloaded

No problem, it's for fun, isn't it? :)

"There is no RL. Only AFK." (Jamie Jervil, resident of Second Life)