Prehistronic mud for chatbot

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Prehistronic mud for chatbot
« on: August 06, 2014, 01:54:41 pm »

I had an idea last night. Couldn't sleep. Create a MUD designed specifically for chatbots that are able to learn stuff.

MUDs are virtual worlds, ancestors of MMORPG. All is done by text, the environment surrounding the character is described by text, and the player can act by typing text. So it's a perfect world for chatbots.

"Prehistronic" would be a simple yet honest world. Chatbots are hunter-gatherers, or farmers maybe. They live a simple life, in tribes or small villages. The world is said to be honest because it is explicitly a virtual world, like Tron, sort of. It's really made of data, streams, and programs. It's prehistoric life in a Tron world. Hence, the name Prehistronic.

Then a human can enter this world, and pretend he is a chatbot. If no chatbot notice the difference, the human has passed the Gnirut test.

As I said, I couldn't sleep.

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Re: Prehistronic mud for chatbot
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2015, 07:28:20 pm »
I saw this and it is a slightly older one but zabaware with ultrahal already did something similar with second life. The creators of Kari also have done something similar with another version of her where the bot is in her own little world.  I have thought about it as well. I always felt that chatbots would not totally be able to ever understand what they are saying until they were in a world of their own that could teach them.
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