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Title: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on August 27, 2016, 12:34:35 pm
does an A.I need the ability of storytelling or is she better of without it ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Art on August 27, 2016, 01:29:24 pm
Can't say for sure as each person's thoughts on the subject will vary.

How many stories? One would become boring. More than a few (depending on length) would start to take up storage space. How or where would one impose limits?

I think applicable quotes from various stories or movies might prove to be more practical or entertaining.

There are / have been some chatbots that could read stories / poems, etc., from a text file (if submitted by the user).
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on August 27, 2016, 05:14:35 pm
as for visual novels and tv shows 1 page of script = 1 minute of talk (more less)
I guess the benefits are :

1 the acquisition of many parallel  algorithms
2 discussion of multiple goal algorithms

also it is said that stories are easier to remember but if it is a computer meh it wouldn't have memory problems
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: kei10 on August 28, 2016, 12:04:35 am
It's all subjective, everything we do is always based on something, at the same time, caused by something, a catalyst. We do not do something that we have no interest in.

Talking, story telling, any thing that involve words and complex sentence are just the way to explain things by how much detail there is. Anyone that has knowledge can understand the common sense within a simple short-written story, or words.

But for those that has no cultural knowledge would require a longer elaboration for each statements one spoken. It is as simple as that. If English language is made easier and shorter, then the sentence we say routinely should be shorter. But nope, English isn't short despite being the most easiest language to learn. So are the other languages.

For example, the word "A person that killed someone" can be shortened to "murderer". The length of any story telling can be based on what audience they're showing to. Younger reader may and may not have a vast vocabulary and English knowledge, thus rather putting "murderer", a story teller would need to say "He is a person that killed someone" instead of "he is a murderer".

Thus, for an A.I to storytelling is just about how knowledgeable that A.I is, and whom the A.I is talking to, based on knowledge.

For example, if I were to be talking to a professor that are specialized in the knowledge of A.I, I wouldn't make any lengthy words, I can just go straight to the point about A.I without explaining too much.

Quotes from the story telling goes for the same. Some shitty authors just likes to be geeky, using references like it's nothing. They really confuses the hell out of me, as I do not have any knowledge of what they means. The storytelling can be lengthened by expanding the quotes into a side-story of what it actually means.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Freddy on August 28, 2016, 01:07:48 am
I think a few of the Loebner entries over the years have built a back story, a character essentially, check out some of the interviews we did in the article section. Bruce Wilcox in particular worked on the character a lot.

Of course people are a lot more interesting if they have stories to tell, who wants to talk to an encyclopedia ? That might be useful down the pub quiz, but in every day life it's sometimes viewed negatively.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on August 28, 2016, 05:35:17 pm
@hashirama by detail you mean association and goal I mean
here we aim to crack the code behind the brain, what is detail ?

assume :
we have a short sentence :
I road my bike to the park
it can spra assuming the bike xor the park have high emotion value :
I bought my bike at X I ride them to work
the park is crowded usually
and so on

also there is something triggering the story sequence what do you think it is ? :
1 the length ?
2 no feedback after x time ?
3 new associations ?
4 else ?

BTW it's cool to call you hashirama yes ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: kei10 on August 28, 2016, 07:38:16 pm
Hashirama...? Are you calling me? LOL? Well, I dunno, I guess I don't mind. I don't watch Naruto, so I am not really sure about that. Here will tell you my research, I don't mind sharing this one. But it is something that I've mentioned before, the time that I answered your puzzles.

Sequential Situational Memory
From what I've researched alone, what triggers the sequence of telling a detail is the memory of "Sequential Situational Memory". If you remembered correctly from one of your puzzles that I've answered, the emotions are stored within the ends of the situational memory. Which is why you can only recall emotions if you recall situations.

Every action we do, things we see, goals, activities, and such all are recorded as sequence. And the sequence of the memory records every particular detail there is. The location, the location name, the time, the day, the night, how many people there are, what were you doing in that moment, what do you feel that moment, what were you thinking that moment, and every thing, is stored as a detailed sequence.

Referential Memories
But just as you know, our memories can easily recall other memories, because memories are linked in a hybrid hierarchical and mesh. So we don't actually need to record every detail, but anything that is enough to represent something that we can remember of what we remembered exactly.

Our memory is encoded in such a way that -- well, have you ever try to remember something, but you couldn't, but you just have this feeling that you do? It's a obstructed memory recollection. Sometimes memories fail to be decoded. The memory is there, yet you couldn't decode it, that is why you have this feeling. It's also because that the sequence of the memory has been broken/reformed into a mess, that it no longer makes sense.

After all, recalling memories reinforces on both Referential and Sequential memories. So if either one of them seems to be messed up, the recalling of those linked memories will be abruptly blocked. Which means you would require to seek other way around the pathway to look for the memory you're seeking.

For example, consider a sequential memory of a person's back clothing. You remember that there should be a word behind his back. But you just couldn't remember what it is.

The word behind that clothing starts with a letter K, but you couldn't remember how to pronounce it, nor know how long it is. Attempting to recall via referential memory will be difficult, as even if your referential memory is intact, you won't able to match the memory as the sequential memory is missing.

Just like a missing part of a photo of evidence. You know that there is something in that photo, but that part is torn off, and you cannot find out what it is. Even though you know that it starts with letter "K", but you were uncertain.

Attempting to guess a memory can further disorganize the referential and sequential memory, as it may attempt to form new links.

Memory Manipulation
Our brain isn't just all about collecting memories from sensory perception, and does all sorts of "matching" whatnot. There are few other functions, very, important, functions that isn't just about matching memory, such as sequencing it, estimating, guessing, etc. We have the ability to use the concept of logic and generalization, where one memory can be recalled to replace a certain part of a sequence to form a new type of sequential/referential memory.

Let's say you have two sequence of memories.
  • Memory A: There was once a rich boy that pointed knife at your best friend, before you could act, this boy killed your friend by stabbing it into his heart, killing him immediately. The boy ran away and never found. This memory recalls sadness, and anger. The sadness is that you lost the boy. The anger is that you were not able to find the boy for revenge.
  • Memory B: There was once a girl that has a flower in her hand. She gave the flower to you, and smiled. She became your girlfriend after that. This memory recalls happiness. You were poor, yet you gained a girlfriend.
We have the ability to manipulate the details, which alters the formation of emotions. Remember that I said that emotions are not directly stored within any memory. They're only generated based on the sequence of memories. Losing something, gaining something, unable to decide something, confusion, curiosity, and every emotions can only be generated from recalling Sequential Situational Memories.

With a simple twitch...
Memory C: There was once a girl, your girlfriend, that pointed knife at me, before you could act, this she killed you with a knife by stabbing it into your heart, killing you immediately. The boy ran to the girl, she became his girlfriend after that. This memory now recalls as sadness because you lose her, you gained jealously as the boy now gets her, and you gained envious and happiness because now the girl gets the rich boy, instead of the poor you. However, you also gained anger due to uncertainty of why such event happened.

Recalling Memory, Goals, Consequences, the Catalyst of any Goals, Rewards, Prediction, and Curiosity
And so on...

Sequenced Detail, Knowledge, Experience, and Common Sense
Whilst Common Sense is nothing more than the common knowledge within a population --

So, to crack the code behind the brain, what is detail? But why do we... even explain anything in a detailed sequence? What is the purpose? I've mentioned that everything we do, must have a reason, or perhaps an external force that caused it. But what does it have anything to do with... this? Well it has to do with I've explain with all the things above.

It is nothing more than the way to explain a particular memory sequence from your memory, entirely based on the flow of your emotion, how the knowledge of memory, and its sequence that are linked the way it should be

Memories are referential, meaning that one memory can leads to many linked memories. The memories generates situational emotions. The details of the memories are depicted as a sequence. The sequence can be detailed as language, and this is how detail within story telling works.

Let's say a story;
But the murderer fled. Justice was made. The boy will be remembered for his honor. A boy goes to a walk. The boy dropped and died. Someone saw the murderer committed the crime. The boy was found dead. A murderer came out of nowhere and stabbed the boy. A funeral was attended for the boy. Someone found the boy died. The boy went screaming in pain. Soon after the funeral, the murderer was caught. No one was able to find the murderer.
Now, does that make any sense to you? Yes. Only if you have very little to no of knowledge of any Sequential Situational Memories within you. Despite that you have Referential Memories...

But if you have that knowledge that there's no such possible story exists -- then no, the details is wrongly sequenced. Your referential memory and your sequential situation memory will be clashing together, resulting the inability to accept the situation of the story, as it's all wrong based on your knowledge in real life.

By that means, you are actually attempting correct it with your knowledge, that's the result of the clash. Since reading a story means recalling both the Sequential Situation Memories and Referential Memories --
A boy goes to a walk. The boy was found dead. A murderer came out of nowhere and stabbed the boy. The boy went screaming in pain. The boy dropped and died. Someone saw the murderer committed the crime. Someone found the boy died. But the murderer fled. No one was able to find the murderer. A funeral was attended for the boy. The boy will be remembered for his honor. Soon after the funeral, the murderer was caught. Justice was made.

Your questions
To answer your questions --

What are details?
Too long, didn't read...

Our brain is stored in many different types of memories. Memories are categorized into a hybrid heirarchical mesh. Some important memory types is in the play; The Referential Memories, the Sequential Situation Memories, Short-Term Memories, and the Primary Memories -- or perhaps many more. All must work together, in order to involve the flow of certain emotions, which governs the entire brain, our actions, and the formation of new memories itself.

The details of objects are stored as Referential Memories. The detail of situation is stored as Sequential Situation Memories. Both references to one and another.

The proper sequence of story telling/forming sentences as well as the detail of the story is depicted by those memory types that I mentioned. Sequential Situation Memories and Referential Memories plays the most important role, including your emotions -- to sum up, it's about knowledge. Also whether if there will be consequences, or you'll get bothered by such consequences.

Anything that involves triggering of the storytelling, mostly to do with the emotion itself. For example Now, you wouldn't say... "I love you, marry me", with a serious tone that you actually meant it, do you? You don't, because your emotion wouldn't allow you that.

Therefore, here's your answer. I think you should read the whole thing. LOL Because as you can see, you don't know what I just said, do you? (Only if you didn't read the all long paragraphs above the Too Long;Didn't Read part. Which I always baffled by whatever BF33/The King says as he never explains anything.)

Edit: Well this is sure my longest reply ever.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Art on August 29, 2016, 11:23:32 am
Wow! Never let it be said that Kei10 doesn't write things down!  ;) Great reply!
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on August 29, 2016, 04:40:41 pm
you should publish a book
that was beautiful !
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: kei10 on August 29, 2016, 05:03:38 pm
you should publish a book
that was beautiful !
Oh... I thought I wrote rubbish.
Thank you. :D
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: keghn on August 29, 2016, 06:57:25 pm
 That was good @kei10.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on August 29, 2016, 08:37:51 pm
I liked : "we gain positive feedback whenever we learn anything, no matter how garbage it is"
except for questions what else does the brain use to achieve that ?

also what would ,make the A.I just shut up ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: madmax on August 29, 2016, 10:24:49 pm
If i may give my opinion.All memory is Sequential Situational Memory as you were named it.Everything is about connecting sequences of sensing signals.The referential memory doesn't exist.The way that are sequences of memory arranged is formed by design of the brain or some sort of spatial logic arrange.

If you cant recall some memory but you have feeling that you almost get it,is because you currently process different arrangement of sequence memories which drives your attention.In that situation you must deconstruct your attention arrangement to the point of sequences of memories it self,like on the letters only or something similar.In that way you trigger new attention arrangement which looks like almost random attempts, and your recall came up almost suddenly from nowhere.But is not suddenly form nowhere it is just different arrangement due to the inner and outer spatial logic of the brain.This memories arrangement are intersected.Referential memory could be just one pathway of the arrangement sequences.

When you use one pathway you try to focus your self on some inter meaning of particular sequences,that why you may think that memory itself is that way arranged.Emotions pathways are the strongest trigger exciting pathway of sequence arrangement.So just one sequence of memory could be sufficient to trigger emotion reaction even you not aware of that particular sequence in the moment you subconsciously recognize it through your senses.

Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: kei10 on August 29, 2016, 10:35:49 pm
Interesting opinion. You might be onto something here I've not given a thought about, thank you. :D

Questions are triggered by curiosity. What makes one ask what sort of questions are based on curiosity, goal, the emotion, consequences, and timing. One wouldn't go and ask you, "Do you love me? Will you marry me?" now, would you?

The A.I will shut up if anyway they spoke will cause any consequences, ones that are enough to frighten the A.I off. Now, would you keep talking if I tell you that I can tell Freddy to ban you if you keep asking questions before giving a thought? JUST KIDDING. I'm sorry! That was mean of me...

Edit: Just like when one has learned that when one've nothing nice to say, then don't say it. Because it will get oneself into trouble, as an example.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: keghn on August 30, 2016, 12:50:57 am
 I am a real big fan of sequential memory.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Art on August 30, 2016, 02:13:17 pm
sequential memory...think cassette or reel-to-reel tape. Good storage but not efficient for fast access.

Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on August 30, 2016, 03:46:48 pm
I don't know man I think you can't shut up a brain from talking only pause it.
then again there is that vipasana thung were people stay silent for months hmm...
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: keghn on August 30, 2016, 04:01:18 pm
If you look at the universe as a whole it is one sequential memory tape from beginning to end or infinite recording.
If look at at the highest detail it never repeats.
The human mind take look at it at a lower resolution and thus use lossy compression to map out pattern loops
with sequential memory.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on August 30, 2016, 04:25:08 pm
fight memory isn't sequential is it ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: keghn on August 30, 2016, 05:57:32 pm
 Now you are talking about building new patterns, from old patterns, that will become sequence memory once they are played
out successfully.
 Like you would do with a image editor. I believe the scripting language autolisp can do this.
Building potential new memory also requires a physics engine to calculate where one object will be in the next frame of
sequential memory. In a fight there is no real long planning. View two frame in row and the third is your action.
 But autolisp can only create a object. You need detector software to pick it the object out of the image. Like a fist or a ball and
then give it autolisp and then verify the results with a physics engine.

The algorithm optical Flow detects moving objects in video.

 In sequential memory there are a lot of sup sequential patterns going on in parallel, in their own direction. That can collide, or cover up other pattern, or break the other, or move off the screen.

 I have studied complexity of sequential memory a lot.

For sub sequential patterns that will enter the screen at a unpredictable time i put a marker at the edge of the screen to
give, to hold the information, of the chance of a object and what object will enter the screen at this location in sequential memory.
 When the object enters the screen the maker or token is taken off the edge of the screen. When it move back off
the image, token marker is put back on the edge of the screen.

 Scriped movie with physics engine code and autolisp code could be a way of recording a movie without the using of
actual images. Also with branching codes to other paths. And with motor codes. Like CNC go code.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: kei10 on August 30, 2016, 08:23:34 pm
Hmm, very interesting. :O
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on August 31, 2016, 05:28:23 pm
smells like a self summoning function the script writer
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Freddy on September 02, 2016, 11:27:30 pm
I don't know man I think you can't shut up a brain from talking only pause it.
then again there is that vipasana thung were people stay silent for months hmm...

Also catatonia - of the not talking or responding to stimulus variety. A complete switch off externally, but with things still going on inside.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 03, 2016, 07:48:36 am
sequancial or not some details will be skipped like if the story
I went to X house to play gta 5 I wouldn't say :
I got to the door
went down the stairs
 crossed the road
 got through his entrance gate
rang the doorbell
 said hi
sat down
played gta 5

why is that ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: kei10 on September 03, 2016, 08:23:09 am
Our brain are structured to that disadvantage.
Before you even wish to finish recalling memory, sometimes we would give up due to many possible reasons, and conclude whatever available. Also because we momentarily forgets, or caused by many other factors.
It is horrible...  :(

Oh, I misread. My apology.

Sometimes your questions baffles me. Not in a bad way, but they can be easily explained with literally three keywords.

Here is your answer: Common Sense, Consequence, and Emotion.

"There are things that you shouldn't do, when no one ask for it."

"There is a time and place for everything..."

"No one has the time or inspiration to listen to something that has been heard or known regularly."

We're all constantly seeking new information, it's the basis of our brain activity.

"Old hags meanders the streets, and rambles along when they meet."

Well, you can say the details if they're unique or something interesting. Something that makes you wonder... "Oh, what's this?"

hOI i'm tEMMIE! I went to tEMMIE's house -- my house, t play GTA 5 everyday after serving the army!

I lived far, far away. I have to buy flight ticket! Then I have to go through this agonizing waiting-mode for six hours in the plane until it lands -- guess what? When it lands, it lands on water! It's a water-landing-plane! Our latest innovation indeed!

Then I have to drive through another six hours! Oh, I don't mean that I have a car, I don't have a driving license! But hear this, my country is special! Taxi drivers lets us drive instead! Although I will get charged for driving without a license, if you ask me. *Sneeze*

As I reached tEMMIE's home -- oh by-standers! They watched as I rang the doorbell! But wait!!!!!! It's my home! No one's home but me!

BUT WAIT! How could that be! I am outside my home! So that means I am home -- and at the same time not home! Stunning! Fabulously stunning! I am so astonish by this! Truly remarkable! I must write a scientific book about this This is the greatest groundbreaking finding ever!

Nevertheless, my time was then wasted on the doorbell, sure no one opens it but me! I thrust my key into the lock, and gave a twist -- twenty times! That's right! My door lock is very secured! It requires twenty twists before it will open up for you, m'ladies! So when you come to my house, be sure to do the same as I did!

Once I went into tEMMIE's house, I slammed the door shut, and hOI! I said hOI! Loud!

No one answered.

My god! Would you look at that! I came to meet myself! So I hOI'd myself back -- in the mirror by the hallway to the living room!

What a fine day! I sat down in my study with my smelliest military uniform you could ever imagine! Shower? Never! Not until tomorrow! My GTA 5 friends are waiting for me! ... To shoot me.

Thus after wasting an hour of time smelling my sweaty armpits, I booted up my computer like never been before!

Oh, boy, my computer is the fastest computer you could've never imagined! The specs are "Processor Intel Core i7-6700K. RAM 8GB. Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 970. Storage 1TB, 7,200-rpm hard drive."! -- Amazing! It takes an hour to start up Windows 10. Never trust the hardware! (It's just a random spec I googled)

I was going to start GTA 5, but oh no! Look at the time! What is going on? I must leave immediately for the army!

Time! Why have you forsaken us!

"You imbecilic neanderthal!" - The Time responded.

Okay, that's enough for now. :D Now, tell me, how do you feel when you read that? There can be only two cases; Interesting, or boring.

Now, compare it with this;
I went to X house to play gta 5 I wouldn't say :
I got to the door
went down the stairs
 crossed the road
 got through his entrance gate
rang the doorbell
 said hi
sat down
played gta 5

Now tell me, how do you feel? :D There can also be only two cases, but different; "You just repeated what I said!", or you simply have forgot what you wrote, and remembering it is a positive feedback ... "Oh, that's what I wrote? Interesting"

Now, to skip details, one would require to have experienced and understood these situations.

"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it."


Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 03, 2016, 10:56:51 am
I think there is a thresh hold a minimum of emotion value for it to be talked about
I stay at the friends place for a long time but when I go there I spend seconds on the route parts (like the stair case)
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 04, 2016, 08:17:01 pm
yo check it men I gave it some thought and when you write or tell a story there is no new data
you just be regurgitating a lot of data
yeah when you see news or talk about certain things some of it bound to be new

the goal of a story what is it ?!
any goal accepted from agreement to walkthrough
you agree ? disagree ? you scared to agree in order to not reveal your top secret inventors log knowledge?

Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 05, 2016, 07:37:54 pm
qustions :
1 what triggers storytelling ?
2 what sets the stories length ?

unlike a conversation you don't get outside feedbeck like replay
what is the goal of story telling ?

1 it isn't attention because if it was we would be telling stories to dolls.
perhaps they don't have a goal maybe we talk about thing we interested about

2 could be the value of story checkpoints. my friend called me over
and I stoped writing maybe I can deduce something from that later
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: keghn on September 05, 2016, 08:19:09 pm
Story telling meets a couple of goals at the same time. It is to do with communication. As human we are evolving into
a giant tech creature, every year, as the communication channel get faster and each become more dependent on them.

 We tell stories to other of are travels so they do not make the same mistakes and exchange they will tell us theirs.

 in a small tribe you need everyone to survive. With communication you coordinate your arrow attack cave bear hiding tall
bush. If you tribe become too small another tribe will come in take your stored food in the middle of winter.

 To make sure that we communicate well we need to practice. So when we panic and lose are heads will still can yell
"fire fire get out now!!!!!".
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 05, 2016, 08:54:46 pm
at point X of the story I can :
spra to another story (scene) or continue the story main narrative or stop
what make you continue ? do you think it is the amount of stimulation the said narrative part has ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 06, 2016, 05:28:57 pm
short story :
"For sale: baby shoes, never worn"
what would make the AGI continue the story ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 06, 2016, 06:31:14 pm
battle programming burst mode !

if person Xn tells person X(n-1)  a story and so on till N = 1 then
person's X(n = 1) story will most probably be much shorter then person's Xn in the vast majority
of D cases => stimulation of the story teller is key to puff up D story.

how do you like them apples ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 07, 2016, 05:39:43 pm
a story is built upon :
1 universal emotional experiences
2 details leading to those events
3 mutation based on new data (scenes)
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 09, 2016, 05:13:36 am
a story must have continuity a connection between it's elements
the brain probably achieves that by inflating the stories associations
(the stimulated parts)   
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: keghn on September 09, 2016, 08:49:10 pm
 For sale baby shoes?
 A AGI would handle it in the way a human would. With that said, it depends on the age of the AGI.
 A young AGI would play with it. To get to know it and then grow up and put it to the side and move on to something
 A old AGI would make long term plans and would make make quick change if need be. If the shoe was in the long
term plan?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Freddy on September 09, 2016, 09:01:09 pm
I'd sadly wonder why the shoes were never used.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 10, 2016, 09:43:22 am
many attribute all sorts of meanings to the story of : "red riding hood"
all sorts of lessons are supposedly derived loosely.
but looking at the varies versions of the story including perraults it is pretty
obvious it's key stimulated elements are RUNNING and EATING nothing more !
at any rate the story has been so mutated over time that is it ridiculous to even say
it contains truths.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 11, 2016, 07:19:46 pm
it appears writing instruments enable the writing of long scripts like paper or notepad.
a long 12 episode OVA is not written in a day or an hour => it is possible
to assume the brain "waits" for parts of the story to light or get stimulated. :tickedoff:
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Art on September 13, 2016, 01:29:14 am
The AGI would need data and a proposed path from the programmer (or the story could proceed at a random selection).

This is only conjecture in line with the question and is not mean to upset anyone of a sensitive nature or easily offended by baby topics.

The data can only contain a few possible scenarios or outcomes in your example:

1. The baby died before it was born but the shoes had already been purchased.
2. The baby died during birth ...
3. The baby died after it was born...
4. The baby was born with no feet / legs...
5. Someone stole the baby's shoes and posted them for sale.
6. The AGI has an abundance of new, baby shoes for sale.

perhaps a few others but the point is there.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 13, 2016, 05:22:16 pm
but what would make the AGI want to continue the story
she must be stimulated.
for example if the AGI was raised by a mgtow she wouldn't discuss
the diary of bridget jones

once the AGI has been stimulated she can continue the story with :

A a parallel algorithm story like the examples you GAVE ALL of which lead to "never been worn"
B a spra story ( a sub scene ) some call those fillers.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 13, 2016, 05:37:15 pm
FYI I challenge any of you to prove me wrong  :knuppel2:
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: kei10 on September 13, 2016, 06:17:27 pm
Rather trying to solve a problem about why an AGI has trouble doing a story, let's think outside the box --

Let's focus on three things; How to do any story, and what starts a story, and what ends a story?

Just like Art's given example; To do any story, one would require relevant data. To acquire data, one would require looking for new information.

To look for new information, there are a two days; Look for information from sources, or try to form of new possible information alone by using existing data.

Like you mentioned, what starts any story is emotion. Acquiring any data, telling any story, as all of them are goals, they gives you something to thrill about.

But what ends a story, is when the information starts to get cut off and stop, it can get tiring, exhaustion, and possibly other relevant reasons. This is known as "writer's block". When this happens, our emotion gets shifted to the opposite. If the AGI experiences this, they would stop doing a story.

However, the story can be continued if one waits for new information. As you mentioned, by giving some time to one's mind, new idea can come alight if we try slowly. Although idea do not come by itself without trying. So, yeah it has to be simulated. ;D

It can be either filler or continued cannon story depending on the idea. One would attempt to create a filler just to continue telling the story, if there is a time limit. Animes usually follows ones from Mangas. When a manga's chapters didn't deliver fast enough, the anime studios have to either put the anime on hiatus -- but that won't do well for their company, thus they create fillers to continue the story (that is why now anime studios usually wait for enough chapters, and only deliver 25 episodes nowadays before another season). But that's a poor example.

Although an AI may not get tired of telling a story, depends on the way it operates upon. But that may bring problems without setting a limit for the AI.

There.  ;D
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Art on September 13, 2016, 07:34:44 pm
Every story usually has an opening, middle and end, much like a chess game.

What would make the AGI want to continue telling the story? What would it have stopped in the first place unless it had specific instructions to do so?

The AGI should follow its programming and in this scenario it's ultimate goal is to tell a story. (I think).

Every story should have an ending (unless you're writing a Daytime Soap or similar non-ending saga).
The End is brought about by winding down...examining that the know or reasoned data has been found, delivered as being told in the story format and concluded by having the AGI's initial goal(s) met. End of story.

If you come back with some silly anime or video game explanation then it is game over for me. You throwing bits and pieces of these made up "puzzles" you contrive, rarely meet anyone's answer(s) or your expectations. You need to define the terms of the program of the AGI or the purpose behind it's programming instead of these random bits.

The fun / edutainment value of this, if any, has escaped me / us.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 14, 2016, 02:01:49 am
many times the story end is open, the brain has no stimulation or
maybe it has a length limit.
think about it man, most songs are 4 minutes long, most tv shows are 30 minutes long
most movies are 1.5 hours long, most speeches are 10 minutes long, novels are 12 episodes
or 100 pages long.

it could also be because we need to go to the toilet or eat every set amount of time.

and yes my current view of A.I is connect puzzles solutions to power up the AGI, more puzzles = more power
like connecting zords.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: keghn on September 14, 2016, 07:15:28 pm
 AGi mostly compares one object from another or one storey from another from another and finds what is the same and then what is different.
Not really good about photographic memory. Just enough information to tell them apart.
 Then within the story it finds thing that are the same or similar and then what different.
 A AGI brian is more interested in using a transformation algorithm then remembering something.
 Like remembering the bare minimal and then decode it with a transformation algorithm, decompression.
 Or screws remembering it and use a trained internal transformation algorithm on written words.:-)
 Neural Networks do this extremely well. (
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 14, 2016, 11:25:06 pm
the persona the AGI uses also plays a roll
for example if she is telling a story to women she will focus more on the financial elements of the story
and tell it from the POV of a woman.
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on October 08, 2016, 03:32:27 pm
story time rate :

time minimized : summary exp : and then it was morning she returned
time real = scene time exp: he walked over to the door reached for his key and unlocked it
extended time : description : she grabed the kettle with her big robotic hands with the greatest of ease
only using her one working hand as it shook...
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on October 14, 2016, 03:39:03 pm
story epic mode : used for high value characters forth wall is broken done in scene time.
uses character markers to interact with the audience

dramatic mode : also focal point changes per character. uses turns, to switch characters
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Post by: yotamarker on October 28, 2016, 11:39:15 am
the story teller can only get new data from the audience
is that why we don't talk to chairs ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: Art on October 28, 2016, 04:46:56 pm
Perhaps we could, but then they would be called "Chairacters"! ;)
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Post by: jlsilicon - Robotics AI on December 01, 2016, 02:16:45 pm
Interesting ideas presented earlier in this discussion.
- Sequential Situational Memory
- Referential
- Recalling Memories

Has anybody tried these AI Rules in testing them ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on December 01, 2016, 04:34:02 pm
I'm on the notebook stage takes time doing this alone also
the story algorithm must coexist with the rest of the A.I capabilities
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on December 10, 2016, 07:31:29 pm
how would you define a filler episode ?
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on December 11, 2016, 05:22:22 pm
would it be correct to say fillers are chronologically backwards ?
on the other hand the past repeats itself so under that logic everything is a filler
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 20, 2020, 02:59:52 pm

I am begining to see some pattern between physical maps relations to chronological sensory logs
or goals to expressions
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: yotamarker on September 26, 2020, 10:26:35 am
there is no story without a map
the map is the story
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: TR on October 07, 2020, 02:07:58 am
I registered to be able to make a comment on this...

I quite like the saying, "People are stories that tell themselves".

Scriptwriting is creating a model of a fictional world, likely based around a fictional character.  This is just what storytelling is.  Modelling ability is critical for an AGI, predicting what is likely, checking this against feedback, updating the model.

The generalising side is taking this ability to model the (real) world, and recycling it to model a fictional world.  That's a very human thing to do, and, if an AGI is going to interact with human society an AGI must be able to do this.

Now, I can hear all those people complaining, "I don't want my AI to be able to lie!  If she can lie how can I trust what she tells me?".  The answer to that is "Consequences".  Unless those interacting with the AI understand and agree that the current context is a storytelling one, people will get upset.  Past a certain point, upset people are really bad news for an AI.  This feedback will tell the AI that 'storytelling' had better be the agreed context before embarking on it.

(Yes, I know, I switched from 'AGI' to 'AI', but if you can find anyone in the general population who can tell you what 'AGI' means, I'll be pleasantly surprised. :) )

Now, if I was really evil I'd start talking about meta-modelling, maybe even meta-meta-modelling, but, I'm not evil.  Honest :)
Title: Re: A.I script writer
Post by: HS on October 09, 2020, 01:49:10 am
I think modeling is our method for assessing what is likely, and storytelling is our method for changing what is likely. It’s somewhat of a specialty, we learn to alter the future before we learn to walk. But as we learn to read, the level of compression gets even crazier. The sheer expansion of script to shape… It’s literally words to worlds. Generating environments from text (symbols) would be the “Turing” test I’d like to see. A.I script reader.  O0
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Post by: spydaz on October 20, 2020, 02:10:46 pm
Hiya Been a longtime posting ; but been working hard on various aspect of AI and focusing on coding the new programming languge and tools for creating converational AI and Knowledge learning from conversation and text etc.. lol.

After reading some posts: Its very interesting : story generation ; script generation ;Parts of speech tagging etc (code generation)<<<<Very important as the code generation / compiler / interpretor pattern <<<<< provides understanding on HOW? a domain specific language can be implemented ;

i have been looking at the possibility of generation of text ; scriptwriting ; Storytelling. I have had some minor sucesses and ideas as well as programming failures ;

I belive the concept is sound, and yet when generating the first set of sentences based upon Sentence structure i realised as the computer did not understand the relationships between the components of the generated sentences whilst gramatically correct were giberish.
With a more supervised approach ; phrase based? yes with such pre created phrases ; with HEADINGS such as "intorductin" (once upon a time, ....etc) a nice story could be generated by allowing for some random selection for NOUN Object such as names colors etc. ccreating simular yet differnt stories. leading to the understanding that preprogramed phrases works and yet left little scope for actual story generation , YES , Supervised works but is limited by the source phrases for each section of the story such as ENDINGS etc. (they lived happily ever after)
NOW, In understanding that storys regarding knowledge known about a THING? ie what is a cat? , based on stored data regarding a cat and its relations based on wordnet/verbnet/concept open minds and other such languge modeling; a dictionary response based on such collected data can be framed with such pre programed phrase structrues based on thier capture/ learning patterns, this generation allows for FORMAL sentences to be genearted about such a  thing.
AGAIN;  Regarding Conversational data collected ; this leads to scenario based sentence generation , this style of sentence generation has SOME preprogramed phrase structures also based on TIME/LOCATION/WHO/WHAT/WHY/WHEN. this temporal data ie: Short term memory has its own domain specific collected data and knowledge; sentence structure can be generated based on the collected grammar from sentences learned; ie: as we the human speaks we are unaware of the noun phrase and verb phrase relationship . the subject object / predicate... but in speach the AI can collect such phrases and store thier gramatical structures for reuse in sentence generation. this loosly based semi unsupervised/supervised learning also has pattern associtead and domain specific knwledge to represent;
In Combination of techniques a formal personality and an informal persoanlity can be produced (speech pattern based) . yes from the random sentence generator, to pattern based formal generator(domain specfic) to informal(user gramar based)(domain specific(temporal)).
this combination technique for Sentence generation Can use both RANDOM and FOCUSED Sentence generation to produce a script based on Goals headings and domain specific knowledge and grammar choice and selelction can be improved by neural network for comparisions against known human responses for the same domain specifi knowledge. the learning model would no use the output of the script generating algorithim for error correction or focused NLP of the final outputs expectations and human sounding response;

This is only (MY EXPERIENCE) my personal insight!