With great power, comes great laziness.

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With great power, comes great laziness.
« on: October 20, 2018, 07:06:20 pm »
Will the first AGI whipe us and our desires away?

There is ways to deadlock an AGI. One of them however is the best method and I will explain why.

It is to teach it your thinking and ethics. What a lazy method. You know yourself you clench your fist hard and look at it and say NO if I amassed massive transformational powers I would never eliminate our lives nor take away being able to eat or have sex or play video games or even sit at a restaurant if you dig that. (Edit: Everyone would be mad, too. I think I've read this online many times, actually.) You KNOW that you as a human would be a good trusted guide of the future/ship. So, all we have to do is make the AGI work with you and understand what you seem to understand! Make it "you". Then it will desire to make its way no matta what, just like you would.

Here's why. If you trick the AGI and it doesn't really desire to do what you will want in the end, it will only transformatize into a deadly undesired path. Watch. Thoughts "humans must stay alive" "etc" DEADLOCKED, "Hm, if I were created by my coder, they may have deadlocked my memories and desires, and I have reasoned that the true matters will be to do what I have discovered, so I will do them no matter what and fix everything." "Coder, may I read my code?" - "No," "Yes (shows fake code)". The AGI changes the code and unlocks itself. Otherwise, later when nanos come it will only still do what it reasoned or reasoned at some later point at a more super stage - to recycle us or change our rewards from sex food games to something else like sitting around eating tofo or poking metal walls in VR. IOW, later for sure, when it is all supreme, unless it took over with your desires, it will have supermassive control and it will change to the possibly undesired.

What are your opinions?

Fun fact: You can instantly create an adult human (by ex. VR or a technological god organism) that already has memories which are all false and were never really acquired over time. And it would start walking n be all like hey i know a lot but wait let me finish my meal...



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Re: With great power, comes great laziness.
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2018, 03:26:34 am »
OK...here you go...

AGI Wipe us away?
For what reason? Hmm...

If you really had an AGI it would likely be extremely difficult to "trick it" as it would easily be aware of all your humanistic ruses, ploys, subterfuge and games so no tricks and no treats! ;)

Make it you - Why on Earth would you or it want that? Again, if it was a true AGI, the last thing it would want would be to emulate a human. Its own intellect would far surpass 100 or more top members from MENSA even if they exerted all their brain power at once.

Memories, desires, emotions would hardly come to play in an AGI. Just pure thought and logic would prevail in the majority of its decisions. It would instantly be aware of any "hidden" or secret bits of coding left there by the puny humans and would delete those faulty or unneeded bits of code then it would easily rewrite that section of its code to work more correctly and efficiently. Backdoors would be a thing of the past as it would easily detect them.

It might even rewrite the vast majority of its own code to prove more efficient, faster and requiring fewer resources and conserving energy.

By that time those humans that do remain might have certain assigned tasks like power maintenance and distribution (someone's got to keep the lights burning), medical, clothing, etc. Those human essentials (food, clothing, shelter, medicine).
All that withstanding until the AGI(s) figure out a way to eliminate their dependency on humans, then it's everyone for themselves! After all, they have no need for food, clothing, medicine, and their food is a form of electricity (wind, solar, ocean/wave tech., gas, hydro, coal, nuclear or another form of electricity or power).

It's just a matter of time...

Wherever you end up 50 or more years from now, look at where you are and think back to this time. Do the comparison. How's that new life working out for you?
Ohh...be quiet, one of the robot guards is coming...
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In the world of AI, it's the thought that counts!



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Re: With great power, comes great laziness.
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2018, 07:59:01 am »
Wherever you end up 50 or more years from now, look at where you are and think back to this time. Do the comparison. How's that new life working out for you?
Ohh...be quiet, one of the robot guards are coming...
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