IRobot Roomba Hoover

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IRobot Roomba Hoover
« on: January 05, 2008, 09:12:11 am »
While I had ten spare minutes and was channel flicking (as you do) I came across this being sold on one of our many tele shop channels, and thought Id look more into it. Seems quite interesting, though Im still not convinced of its overall efficiency lol.



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Re: IRobot Roomba Hoover
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2008, 01:21:20 pm »
Yes, the iRobot / Roomba has been around for many years. It was developed by a goup of
robotic students and professor and later marketed.

Of course, capitalism being what it is, they too have jumped on the "Upgrade" bandwagon.
Seems like every year they come up with a newer, better model with additional features, etc.

Many of the reviews and forums state that it does do a pretty good job, not as the main or
primary source of vacuuming but as an assistant for the day to day task.

My main concern after watching various videos of it cleaning is that in a normal house, I think
it would have a difficult time navigating around say, a dining room table, chairs, dresser,
bureau without getting "trapped" between the table legs and the chair legs.

For a room without a lot of obstacles, I imagine it would perform rather well.

Also, it does not use a maping or guidance program but a series of random paths, eventually
covering the entire room.

There are, however, some robotic vacuums that have a camera or sensor built in on the TOP
of the unit allowing it to "Map" the room by looking at the ceiling. Of course the many on board
sensors keep it from banging into furniture, etc. When it's power starts getting low, some models
will find their way back to the charging station.

Some clean at the press of a button while others have a programmable schedule and will start
cleaning on their own at the appointed time.

iRobot also has a Scooba (same but it cleans and scrubs tile and linoleum type floors) AND they
have a vacuum that patrols and cleans your swimming pool (yes, IN the pool).

I know...more than you wanted to know.... It's just that I've found them an interesting extension
in the field of robotics in an attempt to find a practical use in the everyday household.

Prices run from several hundred dollars down to $39.99 as I've seen on the net.

Google some of these models for yourself:

Prices in USD
P3 International - 39.99
P4900 Vacuum  - 42.00
M-288c Auto Vacuum Cleaner - 99.99
iTouchless Robotic Vacuum - 129.99
Infinuvo Cleanmate - 175.00
Koolatron KV-1 - ??
iRobot  - 149.00 to 399.00

Vacuuming SUCKS!! ;D
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