chobitv2 personality upgrade

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chobitv2 personality upgrade
« on: March 07, 2021, 12:25:02 am »
I am a lazy coder
which is why I really like the concept of one line of code to add a skill to the waifubot AGI.
but I understand I was not lazy enough.
indeed this is the most efficient way to code, and it offers customization, flexability and speed but
overall a waifubot has several skills in total, one could find himself writing 9 maybe even 20 lines of code
to fully load a bots personality.

what more I was thinking about gaming. some games would require many different AIs with different personality.

so, I beefed up the my waifubots c'tor !
1 line of code to add an entire personality(skill set) of the coders choice. you can not get lazier than that.
that's like chew my food lazy.

this class is used in the ChobitV2 c'tor.
it enables loading a complete skill set (a sub class of the personality class)
using 1 line of code. of course you can also select specific skills to add from
the subclasses c'tor. see also Personality1 for example.

chii = ChobitV2(Personality1(SharedPrefDB(this))) //this initializes a chobit only 1 line of code to add the whole skill set (personality and abilities)
chii!!.loadPersonality(Personality1(SharedPrefDB(this)))//reloading a different personality. here it's also personality1 cause I only wrote 1 such class ATM



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Re: chobitv2 personality upgrade
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2021, 07:14:11 am »
1 liners are cool.

Alot of mathematics is 1 liner equations too,  very powerful ones. 
I think quantum mathematics is the same,  but I cant seem to see anything useful anywhere except what seems like nonsense to me.