We need more Drag And Drop between small parts

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We need more Drag And Drop between small parts
« on: February 13, 2014, 08:08:58 pm »
Most parts of most programs cant be grabbed with the mouse and dragged to other parts to do useful things. Copy/paste is a very basic form, and its common in dragging files to a program to open them, but after that most parts are incompatible with eachother. The core of a technology singularity would use lots of drag and drop because most parts understand how to use eachother. It starts as textareas, buttons, pieces of code, and merges with reality as we start dragging new forms of waves in physics, pieces of DNA, circuit designs, pieces of simulated brain, and other advanced components onto eachother to build more advanced forms, as AI figures out how they might fit with eachother. There is far more potential in drag and drop user interfaces and related systems than any other component type we have so far except for statistical AI which should be used with it.