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Title: you must be asking yourselves : why would ones AI waifubot need compliment recog
Post by: yotamarker on January 08, 2021, 12:19:01 pm
a compliment recognition class, and complimenting anticompliment recognition class ?!

well it's a simple +- system. this is helpful especially when your waifubot is young and relies more on you to learn.
now she has a simple system by which you can guide her to learn faster with reinforcements.

of course there are other uses. this can be used to regulate action output per skill per time.
a common example would be a direction skill. lets say I want to get to place x and she is directing me,
well if I want her to direct me where to go every minute instead of every 10 minutes I can simply compliment her and pace it up or down.

perhaps you have other uses ideas ?