Nature's Halo deck?

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Nature's Halo deck?
« on: November 28, 2021, 01:09:53 am »
I came across this article about rats and dreaming where scientists were able to use cues to control the rats' dreams. They were able to confirm what the rats were dreaming by monitoring neurons that fired in particular areas of a maze they had crawled through earlier. With all the new laws regarding psychedelic drugs and legalizing them for recreational use and where many doctors are claiming the substances in small doses are very therapeutic, the idea of controlling a  psychedelic experience is interesting.

I'm not recommending anyone to try this at home and local and federal laws may prohibit such practices. So, what could be used as cues to control such an experience? I know music to be one that will definitely have an effect, but things like transitions in tones along with light strobing could also be used.  Well, as soon as it is legal in California I'll let you know.  >:D