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Hi, everyone!

I wanted to announce that developing of a new Wiki – called – has been started.

When I first saw Wikipedia article A.I., I was shocked! Artificial Intelligence as a part of science is too large piece for Wikipedia to handle smoothly – so with a few other person interested in A.I. – we all agreed that it’s time to set up a new Wiki for Artificial Intelligence research. And here we are with

Let me tell you a few facts about Ai-Wiki. It has been hosted in England with high speed internet connections and with uptime over 99.5%. It’s running MediaWikis newest stable version including the needed extensions – same as Wikipedia uses – so writing has been “standardized”. Thus Wikipedia writers are really welcome to Ai-Wiki. And if something is missing, you can always contact me (see contact in and request a new extension to our Wiki. Currently there are not so many articles, but I hope that it’ll expand as we spread the word over the world!

And for you – users – I have a few requests. I realized that I can’t compose this all by myself, I need your help. I hope you could write at least one article – this would help a lot – but the more the better! I can also say that my time is mostly sacrificed for administration of the site – at least now in the beginning.

This text is also published in // blog - Which can be found from here: There you can also find all the news from Ai-Wiki site. I recommend you to comment some blog posts too  - just to keep me motivated  ;)

Purpose is to develop a site that combines the chaotic field of A.I. research.

Best Regards,


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