Coding with VR headsets

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Coding with VR headsets
« on: November 02, 2019, 10:02:50 pm »
Has anyone ever looked into coding with a virtual reality headset? According to my math it would require high resolution. Even the Pimax 8K resolution (4K per eye @ ~ 170 degree horizontal FOV) would be poor if you made the text/IDE window width low enough for reasonable reading, which for me is 50 degrees max. If the window is much beyond that then your eyes must move around too much, which causes too much eye strain. If you make even wider yet, then you have to move your head around to read rather than just eyes, which for me is unacceptable. It takes too long to move your head and too much energy doing that all day 5 - 6 days / week.

I don't have a Pimax 5K, much less the 8K. The 8K might be sufficient if you make the window wide enough and if the majority of your text in the editor/IDE doesn't go past a certain point. I guess you could make the text font big enough and do word wrap, but that's not ideal, IMO. I like text real estate. If that's sufficient, then a VR virtual desktop would work. Pretty cool stuff. Getting a bit like Tony Stark in Iron Man. The VR desktop's I've seen have numerous backgrounds, in 3D of course. I don't know it's considered a background, but one of them makes it look like you're out in space with the most beautiful nebulas and stars. It's even possible to make the background a camera that can be attached to the Pimax. So basically you could see the outside world along with the text/IDE window. Beyond that you could get into some kind of augmented or mixed reality where you could use your hands to move/create/kill windows, perhaps even more stuff like Tony Stark in the Iron Man movie.

Besides the awesome 3D backgrounds, the real reason I'd like this is so that I can code at any place. I would have my laptop in my backpack and I could be walking along the beach, or where ever you wish! :) People might think you're crazy, though. Personally I don't like sitting still too long, especially in the same place. They have harnesses for laptops that allow people to walk around with their laptop extended out from their waste, but it's not good enough for coding. As you walk the laptop screen jitters, which at first may not be a big deal, but 10 hours a day of that will result in too much eye strain.

I'm looking forward to the new Pimax 8K X, hopefully released in early 2020. There's another called Varjo that's supposed to have human eye resolution, but it doesn't seem to be out yet, and is expected to be insanely expensive ... from what I've heard.


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