Funny A.I. Memes

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Funny A.I. Memes
« on: December 01, 2017, 04:10:40 am »

I'm one of those guys obsessed with marketing and branding.

I have a background in copywriting and brainstorming product names and concepts that will encompass future advances in AI, Holograms and Drones.

I'm a bit slower with the coding, not because I cannot learn to code AI, but simply because I'm taking a different tack on future AI advances estimated to have a multi-trillion dollar impact on the economy by 2025.

For example:

"Russia is awful at commercializing and promoting technological advances. Prisma, an AI application that literally redrew photos to make them look like paintings by a number of famous artists, took post-Soviet countries by storm last year and won some interest in the U.S. but failed to become a global phenomenon. "


While AI is at times a fairly serious topic, I think it is also ripe for humor and satire.

What I've done is worked to create a bit of a memes trend.

Here are some of the first ones:

Any thoughts?

I can provide multiple pics if anyone has any ideas to contribute.

It is half satire half serious.

My A.I. algorithm that I'm working on will be based on human intelligence, wit and wisdom for a wicked funny (and expensive) A.I. toy